4 Dec 2011

Saffron Muffins for Advent

Today is what we in Sweden call the Second of Advent. Advent is a way of counting down to, and preparing for Christmas Eve. Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before the 24th of December, and on every Advent Sunday we light a candle on a special Advent candle stick.
Then you usually eat some kind of goodies!

Here in London I don't have an Advent candle stick, but I celebrated Advent by baking saffron muffins with marzipan inside, yum!
In winter I also like to gorge on clementines and oranges, and with some chocolate thrown in it wasn't a bad Second of Advent!
Happy Sunday everyone!


cb said...

i loved advent! we don't do that very much here anymore and i remember loving it when i was in school! maybe i should bring it back!

alicia said...

these are such pretty photos! and you have gorgeous illustrations, btw! so talented.

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