29 Nov 2010

Never Play Cards With a Man Named Doc

I walk past these wall paintings on my way home from the tube station. Very cool, but I actually liked the bottom one more before, it was much nicer before they added all the skeleton people and I think there are too many elements in the composition now. Oh well, still eye catching and unique!

27 Nov 2010

A Little Package...

came today from Asos, wohoo! I ordered some christmas gifts from their website, so handy! I hate running around in the central of London trying to find lots of different presents, being pushed or stopped by three million other people that are doing the same thing. So I've got most of my presents now online, I've just got to find a few more, but I will do that in Stockholm, much less people!

I couldn't resist ordering a little something for myself as well... so I did! I got these gorgeous rings, only £8 for all three! You can either wear them one by one, or together. I love them!

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25 Nov 2010

Type Inspiration

Here's some inspiration for all typo lovers! During research this week I have found some really cool new typography work, so I thought I'd share some...

Above three by Wordboner.com
By H-57/Matteo Civaschi
Print by Telegramme

22 Nov 2010

The Rejected Flower

Here's a flower I made in Photoshop for a design job, it never got through to the final stage though. It is a collage made up by pink leaves from a tree.

21 Nov 2010

Handmade & Bound

Today Josefine and I went to a fair called "Handmade & Bound." It's like a market where illustrators and artists sell hand made books, prints and other stuff.
I bought this lovely little book called "Birds in Hats" by Whirlygig illustration collective. Brilliant!

20 Nov 2010

16 Nov 2010

Barcelona Part 2

My brother flew in from Sweden and joined us!
We had dinner at a place that had nice food and terrible service!
The next day we went to a fantastic food market...
where we had gelati...
and looked at the beautiful food, they had absolutely everything!

Then James and I went to "Casa de Batlló" a house Gaudi designed in 1877. It is now a museum and it was amazing! I always wanted to see it. There are no straight lines in the building.
The roof with the "Dragon Spine"

Me in front of the mosaic wall in the back terrace.

I love the corridor!
In the evening we went to an amazing restaurant called "Montiel" in the art district. The waiter was fabulous, so nice and knowledgeable.
We had the tasting menu, this ham was maybe the best course according to me! I never had such good cured ham before. With the ham there was lovely bread that we rubbed tomatoes and garlic on.
Dad also liked the ham!
Some of the others thought these sardines were a little bit bland but I thought they were delicious!
The second dessert, chocolate cake and raspberry sorbet, mmm!
The next day we went to Peter's friends flat and had breakfast on her roof terrace.
Peter, dad and James.
and me!
We went back to the food market for a bit...
and had a smoothie.
Then we had to go back to London, but hopefully we'll be back soon!

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