30 Mar 2012

5 x Easter Ideas

Easter is soon upon us, yay! Easter for me means warmer weather, chocolate and yummy devilled eggs to eat. Another thing I associate it with is "pyssel" which means crafting or making things with your hands. It's such a nice thing to do with your family, when I have kids I'm gonna force them to craft with me all the time :)
Here are five cool Easter ideas, enjoy!
1. Last year I made these Easter Fortune Eggs, they were a huge hit with my friends!

2. Beautiful Easter lunch spread by Donal Skehan. I especially like the look of that Chocolate Crater Cake.
3. Wicked Surprise Marbled Egg tutorial by Kimberly Cun.
4. How cute are these bread rolls? I imagine the bunnies wouldn't be too hard to do. Images from Maman Blog.
5. Super cool egg decorating idea; sticking temporary tattoos on hard-boiled eggs! From Tattly blog.

28 Mar 2012

Wedding Invitations

This week I'm gonna start designing our wedding invitations, exciting! Personally I adore invites that are a little bit different but still look romantic and sweet. Here are some beautiful ones that I'm inspired by, which one is your favourite?
1. Birds, flowers and good-looking type from The Wedding Chicks.
2. Elegant with cute butterfly detail from Hey Look.
3. Hand-drawn calligraphy and beautiful rustic illustration by Allie Ruth Design.
4. Sweet flowers from Green Wedding Shoes.
5. Elegant and classic in black and white from Ruffled blog.
6. Modern and fun graphic style found via Design Work Life.
7. Nature-inspired invite and tags via Hey Look.
8. Romantic and vintage-inspired from Love and Lavender.

25 Mar 2012

Spring Feelings

Spring is my favourite season. It brings such joy and hope after the long, dark winter and I always feel happy and excited when the days start to get longer and the mild air fills with lovely smells of flowers and spring bonfires.

This spring I am going to:
  • Train for a 10k run in July
  • Design and send out our wedding invitations
  • Keep working with my company towards a Lisa Edoff Design product launch
  • Show James' parents Sweden
  • Drink wine in the park
What are your spring plans?

21 Mar 2012

Robyn Comics

Some of you might have seen some of my Robyn comics before, but I got a request to post the full series so here they are! This project is my favourite from what I did at university. We were asked to create a unique cd cover for a single, I chose Robyn's "Konichiwa Bitches" and designed the cover as a fold-out comic book. The lyrics of the song became the story of the comic. The illustrations are collages of hand-drawn elements mixed with graphic pen and watercolour.

19 Mar 2012

I Forgot to Tell You...

I won the Blogscar award for Best Foreign Blog!
Thank you so much to everyone who voted! Apparently there were over 2000 votes cast (for all of the awards). The other blogs nominated in my category are all superb so I was very happy to be nominated among them. Also, thank you Janette who came up with the brilliant idea of the Blogscars!

17 Mar 2012

Moments in Life

Jon Rafman is an artist that created "9-Eyes", a blog where he collects strange and beautiful images captured by accident by the Google Street View cars. Some of them are funny, some are peculiar, and some heartbreakingly sad, just like life. All of them depict true moments of everyday living around the world. I find these images stunning, and some of them really touched me because they are so real. For more check out the 9-Eyes website.

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