31 Jan 2012

Website Preview

I'm nearly there with my new website! Below is a preview of my navigation buttons and logo, I'm trying to keep the style quite minimalistic yet colourful. What do you think so far?

29 Jan 2012

Sunday Tip

Sundays are perfect for snuggling up in bed reading your favourite magazine or blog. Today I found a new favourite blog - Lemon Fire Brigade by Sarah Bolla. If you like food and beautiful photographs you have to check it out. I was drooling as I read her recipe for Mango Sabayon Pie!

All photographs by Sarah Bolla

26 Jan 2012

I'm Nominated For a Blogscar!

Today I found out I'm nominated for a Blogscar - hosted by Janette the Jongleur - in the category "Best Foreign Blog" (Non-US Resident Blogger). Yay, I'm so thrilled! And what a fun initiative, thank you Janette!

If you'd like to vote for me, hop over to Janette's blog here or vote in my right sidebar. Please guys, I've always dreamt of this honour! :) Voting ends on the 20th of February and the winners will be announced on the 26th.

UPDATE: It seems like the vote box for my category doesn't always show up on Janette's page, so here's an embedded one that you can also use to vote... Cheers!

Cake Photography in Sweden

Another thing I did in Sweden was a cake photoshoot for Sugar Ed Productions. I got my parents involved; we set up a "studio" in their living room and they acted as my assistants!
My mum was the Art Director and dad was the Lighting Technician :) It was perfect because my mum has a lot of nice things that she dug out to use as props: lovely table linen, pretty crockery and cake stands.
This beautiful cake was made by a patisserie called Eclair in Stockholm, they were so helpful and their cakes are wonderful!
The reward for our hard work!

24 Jan 2012

Formex Favourites

I'm back in London after an intense but very good visit to Sweden. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I went to a design fair in Stockholm with my mum. The fair is called Formex and is the largest one in Scandinavia for interior and surface design. It was so inspiring and interesting to see all the new design products and talk to the designers and exhibitors. I especially liked the section with young Swedish designers.

Here are my favourites from Formex:
KD Konstig Design by Emma Sjödin was my favourite of the fair. Emma makes beautiful home products from her art; drawings and watercolour paintings inspired by her childhood on the Swedish West Coast island Tjörn.
I love these pillows with a print inspired by the shape of a seashell, and I also adore the green coasters with the three leaves.
Emma was incredibly nice, me and mum talked to her for ages and mum even put in an order for some of her products!

Emmas product range includes tea towels, trays, coasters and textiles, you can buy them in her web shop or check out stockists here.
Another memorable exhibitor was Jenny von Döbeln with her design company Mini Empire. Jenny is a graphic designer/illustrator who studied and worked in Barcelona for five years before moving back to Sweden and starting Mini Empire.
Jenny's owl wallpaper really caught my eye, and the more I look at it the more I like it! I find her illustration style so charming, I love when designers incorporate a bit of humour in their work! To see more of Jenny's illustrations, click here.
These amazing ceramic chandeliers are made by Créme de la Créme.
They also showed lovely cake stands made from odd pieces of vintage crockery.
I also like the summery glassware and jars by Lisbeth Dahl...
And these lovely lamps and pretty paper products by Danish design company Rie Elise Larsen.
Graphic Design company Format presented a very cool wall sticker, it's a tree that you can change depending on the season. Would be a fun thing to do with your kids!
Puzzled by Art was another interesting young designer, behind the products is oil painter and illustrator Lisa Ling.
This stand was so cool, I love the funky wallpaper! The company is called Isak, they had lots of cute products.
There were also a section of bathroom products, these bath melts from Bomb Cosmetics looked good enough to eat!
Sthål is a company consisting of Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg, two graphic designers who has created a collection of beautiful ceramic dinnerware.
Arabesque is Sthål's first collection and will be launched in May this year.
Lastly, I love these mugs and carafe from Maria Liliegren, fresh and retro at the same time!

21 Jan 2012


Is the honeymoon destination we´re looking at! It looks beautiful and my friend who's half Mauritian cooks the best food, so we really want to go there!

But right now I'm in Sweden, at a huge design expo called Formex. It's great, there's a variety of big companies showing new products, as well as small independent designers with really unique ideas. I'm enjoying meeting lots of young, cool designers, but I'm also looking around for companies that might want to buy my own designs. Full report coming soon!

Photo: Maria Soxbo/Husligheter in Elle

19 Jan 2012

Moon of Honey

This week James and I have been looking at honeymoon destinations, and realised there are so many amazingly beautiful places in the world, we want to visit all of them!

But we think we might have found the one... can you guess where from the picture above?

Image sources: 1, 2, 3

16 Jan 2012

Website Makeover

Hey everyone and Happy Monday!
This week I'm giving my portfolio website a complete makeover, it feels good, like a spring cleaning! Since I've mostly showed my pattern designs here on the blog I thought it could be fun to show you some of my illustrations and graphic design projects that will be on my website.

These are spreads from a children's book I illustrated and wrote in College, it's called "Isabella and the Mystery of the Chinese Locket"

I've worked quite a lot with graphic design for packaging, this was my favourite project; a coffee pack design for Swedish company Löfbergs Lila.

These illustrations of singer Robyn were part of a cd-cover in the style of a comic book.

In university I created this ad campaign for a charity called Shelter, they work to help homeless people in the UK.

Lastly, some mixed pieces of illustrations.

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