26 Mar 2014

Beautiful Blog Posts

Lately I have been so excited to find my products on wonderful blogs, photographed really beautifully! Above is my Magnolia tray photographed by talented Lara of Messy La, I love her styling skills!

My Pink Circus cutting/serving board was featured on Elsa Billgren's blog last week. Elsa is a well known interior stylist and photographer in Sweden and her blog is one of my personal favourites. I squealed with happiness when I saw these gorgeous photos!

Here are some more photos from Messy La's blog, Lara shared her recipe for lemon detox juice and used my Magnolia cutting board as a prop, it looks so fresh, I love it!

Photos by ©Lara Messer and ©Elsa Billgren

13 Mar 2014

Spring Goodies!

Spring has come to Stockholm, weee! It has been sunny for four days in a row, so lovely!
I have updated my web shop with these beauties, and I've lowered my shipping costs! We're now offering free shipping within Sweden on all orders over 400 SEK. Check out my new Magnolia and Pink Circus trays and cutting boards here www.lisaedoff.se
Happy Thursday!

3 Mar 2014

Milk Bottles and Vintage Trunks

On Saturday me and my mum went to "Mega Loppis", a huge flea market in North Stockholm. It was a good mix of lovely trinkets, old interesting stuff, house items, clothes and the regular crap :)
Here are my finds...

I bought these beautiful post cards, they were all signed 1923 and addressed to "Dear Mabel", from "Aunt Elsie". It made me think about what memories we will leave behind for coming generations... In 90 years from now, nobody will be able to find my old emails or texts to my friends and family will they?

I'm a sucker for vintage trunks so when I saw this big black one for a really good price I had to get it...

and this rectangular one. They are great for when I sell my products at markets, I'm gonna put cushions in the big one and cutting boards or trays in the smaller one.
I also got two small table cloths and a couple of nice glass bottles; an old milk bottle and a turquoise water bottle. 
This cool vintage cushion was a gift from my mum, she sowed it from old cross-stitched embroideries, isn't it lovely!?

I don't think I will dare to use this little apron, I love the pattern of the fabric and the little pocket.

My last find was this cream bottle, perfect for my ranunculus in the window!
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