25 Jun 2013

Lisa Edoff Design iPhone Cases

My iPhone Cases have arrived, yay! Super excited to see how they'll do at the market on Saturday!

23 Jun 2013

Tove & Jonas' Wedding ♡

Here are some photos from our friends Tove and Jonas' wedding last weekend, it was perfect!

Me and Sofia were toast madames, that means we kind of lead the dinner party after the ceremony, introduced all of the speeches and we also did our own speech. We were quite nervous before but it went really well and it was so much fun!

Tove looked soooo beautiful and both her and Jonas were just beaming with happiness!

The gang: Arman, Sofia, Jonas, Tove, me and James.
It was a really relaxed and lovely country wedding, both me and James enjoyed it so much and we're so happy for our friends!

19 Jun 2013

Magnolia Cushions

Here's my latest product - sofa cushions! My mum and I have hand sewn these, they're made from a cotton panama fabric that I had printed with my Magnolia design in England.

I will be selling these cushions and my other products at a lovely summer market in Stallarholmen (outside of Mariefred) in Sweden on the 29th of June. It's called Kreativa Marknaden (The Creative Summer Market), and if any of my Swedish readers are in the area I'd love for you to come say hi!

12 Jun 2013

Kidnapping a Pregnant Lady

Last weekend was SO fun! Me and Sofia kidnapped Tove (who is getting married this Saturday) dressed like this!

We rang her doorbell in these suits and held up a sign saying she had 20 mins to pack an overnight bag, her reaction was priceless! But it was extremely hot in the suits and I could hardly breath in that mask, so we had to rush her even more!

Then we took her into a nice hotel in Stockholm where we stayed the night, and the next day we met up with Tove's other friends and did lots of fun activities, it was a great hen do!

6 Jun 2013

Our First Week in Sweden

We've been in Sweden for a week! The weather has been fantastic, and I've loved being a bit closer to nature and having more open spaces around me.

We've had a lot of things to do, first we went out and bought a bed and organised our bedroom, and today all of our boxes came in a huge truck! They've been stored in my parents' garage for the moment. 

Last Saturday we went to support my brother who ran the Stockholm Marathon! It was so fun and we were all really impressed by Peter's achievement.

There were some funny runners in costumes too.

The race finished inside Stockholm Stadium, me and my dad stayed and cheered for two hours!

I've been working on some designs outside, like I said the weather has been so lovely, sunny but not too hot, and at 11pm it's still light outside.

We've also met up with some friends, here we are having a yummy brunch at Sofia's house.

So far so good in Sweden!
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