30 Jul 2010

In My Future Home…

I want this style! So quirky and cool but at the same time fresh and light. The first picture is an ad for Habitat, the other one I don't know where it came from, found it at work.

PS. Toy Story 3 was great! Really, really enjoyed it. James even shed a tear, which I thought was a bit exaggerated, here I thought I was the emotional one out of us two!

29 Jul 2010

Chicken and Living Toys!

I'm waiting for james to come home so we can go to Nando's, and then we're gonna see Toy Story 3 in 3D. I loved the first two movies, and hopefully this one will be even better since it's in 3D. I haven't seen an animated film in 3D before, just the trailer for that Meatball one, can't remember what it was called exactly, but it's about raining meatballs and other food. I saw the trailer before Avatar, it felt like the meatballs were coming right at me! I think I was the only person in the cinema that had put on my glasses since I was the only one who screamed… or maybe I was just the only one who gets scared of meatballs :)

28 Jul 2010

France 2

Some more photos from France...

This was in a small village called Aups!
3,5 kg of moules!
Moules, frites et du rosé. It doesn't get better than that!

Poor cat...

27 Jul 2010

France 1

I have just had the most wonderful holiday with James and my parents in the South of France! I can tell you, it's not fun to be back in rainy London!

We had the best of time though, here are a few photos:

Me and James on a boat trip.
Celebrations of France's national day in the village.
Mom and me at a café.

My dad at the short end of the table, having lunch with friends.
My parents have lots of herbs in the garden. I love picking them, basil, rosemary and fresh mint smell so good!

James inside a paddle-boat, so cute!

13 Jul 2010

New Animation!

My Nude animation is finished! We had a "film premiere", everyone that works at Nude gathered around to watch it. I was so nervous, my heart was pounding when I pressed play! But it went really well, they all loved it! I am very happy with what I've done as well, hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks to James who volunteered to be beaten up for the sake of art! :)

9 Jul 2010

I Wish...

... I could just jump into a pool, or lake, or the sea right now! It's over 30 degrees in London. I guess I'll have to do with some ice cold grenadine squash and lie down on the couch in my pants :)

7 Jul 2010

Vintage Travel Stickers

When I was working at wonderlandWPA I created these luggage labels to promote a biscuit brand. The brief was to team the biscuits with different European countries, and make them look like old fashioned travel stickers.


3 Jul 2010

Raspberry Fool

"We want to include an image of a raspberry, but it can't look like a raspberry. It has to be abstract, but still be recognisable as a raspberry."

Sometimes being a designer is very amusing!

Image 1 from here, 2 from here, and 3 from here.

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