31 Jan 2011

Farmer's Market

Yesterday I went to a nearby farmer's market with James, Carl and Victoria.
You could buy bread baked in flower pots, looks kind of funny!
Peruvian handicraft, the alpaca wool is so nice and soft.
We bought cheese, olives, apple juice and churros with chocolate sauce, mmm!

29 Jan 2011

Did You Know There's a Place in London Where Women Are Not Allowed?

At least not in some of the rooms! That silly tradition lives on in this "Gentleman's Club" called East India Club, in St James' Square. We had dinner there last night, James' brother is a member there. It looks like you're in someone's posh house. Women can go into the restaurant, but most of the other rooms are a no-no such as the leisure room and bars. I put my foot over the threshold of the room I wasn't supposed to be in, just to break the rules. I'm such a rebel! Power to the women!
This is what I wore last night. I dug out this faux-leather skirt from my wardrobe in Sweden last time I was home, I got it when I was around 17, ten years ago.
I felt really happy wearing it again because I associate it with a strong and lovely memory of when my friend Tove borrowed it. Tove, Sofia and I went to a concert in Stockholm where we saw Håkan Hellström and The Ark, and we had the best of times. And every time I look at the skirt I see 17-year-old Tove on my back, I was carrying her so she could see better, and the seem on the side of the skirt came open but it didn't matter cause we were so happy and we had so much fun.

28 Jan 2011


I collect pins, don't really know why because I never use them. But everytime I go to an artistic market I buy some, and if they are given out for free I have to have one! Here are some of my pins, my favourite is the little French bulldog, so cute! That one is designed by Gemma Corell, check out more of her illustrations here!

27 Jan 2011

Does Anyone Know What This Is?

Look what I got in the mail today, together with my baking tools that I ordered from Amazon. It's really odd because I didn't order this and there wasn't any note explaining a) why they included it with my order and b) what the hell it is?

First we thought it was a mini rolling pin, but that just seems stupid! Then James suggested that it's the thing you use with a mortar to crush herbs... maybe he's right, what do you think?

What I actually ordered was these tools that Lorraine Pascal says are essential when baking, so of course I had to get them :) I think I'm gonna make her soda bread tomorrow, yum!

Another Blog Button Preview

Another button is ready, here's my new Twitter icon! Now I've gotta go to the post office and pick up a package and then I'm teaching Photoshop to some students at London College of Fashion. Laters!

26 Jan 2011


I work in a small boutique in Highgate Village twice a week. Today we had a meeting with the Director of a shoe design company called CocoRose. He was showing us the new samples for their spring collection, they're really lovely foldable ballerinas, and I got a pair for free! Wohoo, I love freebies! Even better is that I really like these shoes, I alway buy a pair of ballerinas when spring comes. You are meant to take to these to parties and pop them on when you're feet are tired of heels, but I think I'll wear them instead of the heels!
They come in this cute little bag, perfect if you want to take them with you in your purse.

25 Jan 2011

Photo Shoot With LondonSwedes!

On Sunday I went to the LondonSwedes photo shoot in their studio in Bethnal Green, it was so much fun! They were photographing everyone who is going to work with them, I think we were about five bloggers and maybe seven editors.
Here's Charlotte, Christina and Sanna goofing around. Charlotte and Sanna are the driving forces behind LondonSwedes, Charlotte is Editor in Chief and Sanna's the Creative Director. I really like them and think they are extremely good at what they're doing, so I'm sure the site will be a success! Christina (in the middle) is another blogger and she was very lovely so looking forward to work with her as well!
This is Sina, he's in charge of advertising for the site, a really nice guy as well!
After everyone had done their portrait pictures, they wanted us to do some group shots. I was just happy I wasn't at the bottom for this one!
Really excited to see the photos and looking forward to start blogging for LondonSvenskar!

23 Jan 2011

Business Meeting at Paul's

Yesterday I met Lauren to discuss our iPhone app project. We went to Paul Patisserie in Angel. Our meeting went really well, we showed each other sketches and discussed ideas. Next month we're gonna get together again with finalized ideas and then we'll decide which one we're gonna go with, exciting!

21 Jan 2011

Blog Icons and Weekend Plans

The icons took way longer to make than I thought, but that's typical me since I always have to get everything perfect, doesn't matter if it's a small button or a massive painting. But I'm really happy with the way they look now, most of them are ready but I've still got two more to do so I'll show you the "about" and "portfolio" icons in the meantime. They're gonna go just under my header. What do you think? I think it will be really nice to organize my blog so it's easier to navigate.
I have a really exciting weekend ahead of me! Tomorrow I have a business meeting with Lauren, and on Sunday I'm will be photographed in a studio for the Swedish website Londonsvenskar! All of their editors and bloggers will be photographed, and we're gonna have some wine and get to know each other, really looking forward to meeting everyone! I'm a little bit nervous about the photo shoot, not really used to getting photographed by a professional in a studio, but I'm mostly excited!
Have a great weekend everyone!

17 Jan 2011

Rodney Smith Photography

I have a new photographer to add to my "Amazing!"-list. Rodney Smith is definitely up there with Tim Walker for me, the composition, imagination and colours of his pictures are outstanding! I hope you enjoy this visual feast!
PS. Something came up so I haven't finished my icons yet, but tomorrow I'm back on it again!

15 Jan 2011

Party Outfit

I'm off to a party, see you later!

My New Favourite Baking Show

This morning James and I had a big breakfast while we watched a new food program - "Baking Made Easy" with Lorraine Pascal. I absolutely love this show! Not just because baking is my favourite thing to do in the kitchen, but all the recipes looked amazing and so yummie, I want to try all of them! The presenter Lorraine is lovely, she's really charming and you can tell she's very passionate about baking as well (not to mention extremely beautiful!). If you haven't seen this show I recommend watching it on BBC iPlayer.

Have a great weekend!

14 Jan 2011

The Storms Are Raging On The Rolling Sea...

And on the highway of regret
Though winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing like me yet
I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love
To make you feel my love

Working On Some Icons...

for the blog! WIll show you most of them later today! Happy Friday my lovelies!

12 Jan 2011

Eye Shadow and Colour Theory

Today I felt about as grey as the sky outside so I decided to try my new eye shadow "Metal Plum" from L'Oreal. I really like it, it accentuates the eyes without being too dark, perfect for daytime!

Did you know that you can intensify the colour of your eyes with eye shadow?
Basically, all colours have got a complimentary colour, that is the colour right opposite of them in the "colour wheel chart" which means the colour furthest away in likeness. For example blue's complimentary colour is orange, purple - yellow, green - red etc. That means that if you put yellow next to purple, the purple will look clear and strong, as opposed to if you put blue next to it. Now, if I want to accentuate my blue eyes I'm not going to wear orange eyeshadow since it's not really my style, but I can wear something similar, like gold, pink or warm purple. Green eyes will look like emeralds with warm browns or dark pink, while brown eyes will look extra chocolaty together with blues or lilac.
Last image from here

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