12 Jan 2011

Eye Shadow and Colour Theory

Today I felt about as grey as the sky outside so I decided to try my new eye shadow "Metal Plum" from L'Oreal. I really like it, it accentuates the eyes without being too dark, perfect for daytime!

Did you know that you can intensify the colour of your eyes with eye shadow?
Basically, all colours have got a complimentary colour, that is the colour right opposite of them in the "colour wheel chart" which means the colour furthest away in likeness. For example blue's complimentary colour is orange, purple - yellow, green - red etc. That means that if you put yellow next to purple, the purple will look clear and strong, as opposed to if you put blue next to it. Now, if I want to accentuate my blue eyes I'm not going to wear orange eyeshadow since it's not really my style, but I can wear something similar, like gold, pink or warm purple. Green eyes will look like emeralds with warm browns or dark pink, while brown eyes will look extra chocolaty together with blues or lilac.
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cb said...

simply beautiful! and your eyes! what a beautiful color! i haven't worn eyeshadow in gods knows how long but when i do i like wearing purple or light green.. sometimes blue if i am in the mood! right now i am really into red lipstick! just put some on and i instantly feel pretty and ready to go!


Garderobsgrubbel&Byråbekymmer said...

vilken härlig blogg du har!

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