27 Feb 2013

Easter Sale of My Products + Mother's Day Tip!

Hey everyone and Happy Wednesday!
Just wanted to let you know that all of my products (trays, cheese board and notebooks) will be on sale for a discounted price in FAB.com's Easter sale! FAB is a cool website if you're looking for designer products at bargain prices, and they ship all over the world! The campaign starts this Saturday (the 2nd of March) and will run for 7 days so don't miss out if you'd like one of my products for a great price!

The second thing I wanted to share is that I will be selling my products (also at a discounted price) personally at The British Library's Spring Market in London on Monday the 4th of March, from 9.30-17.30. The market will be held on the gorgeous piazza in front of the library, nearest station is King's Cross St. Pancras.

Lastly, if you're looking for a gift for your mum on Mother's Day, I can recommend the Magnolia tray, mums love this one! And if you serve her breakfast in bed on it you should be set for the "best daughter/son of the year award!" :)

24 Feb 2013

Sunday London Tip

Are you a cake lover planning to visit London? Check out L'eto Caffé on 155 Wardour Street in Soho, even if it's just to drool over the window display!

Such beautiful cakes and pastries!

My friend Lauren and I shared a Bailey's/white chocolate cake, mmm!

19 Feb 2013

Pretty Bows

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! It's a lovely sunny day here in London, soon I will go for a walk and send off some notebooks that people have ordered from my website, yay!
First I wanted to show you this new pattern design I've been working on, I call it "Rosetter" which is Swedish for bows. It's more simplistic than my usual style, but I think it would look very nice on fabric or wrapping paper. Which colour combination is your favourite?

Interested in licensing this design? Please check out my website for information or email info@lisaedoff.com

17 Feb 2013

Seed Fund Winners Exhibition

This week was the opening of an exhibition where my products were shown!
It's a showcase of the winners of the start-up grant I got last year, the "Seed Fund".

Me and James went to the launch night, they were serving cocktails in glasses made of sugar!

The sugar glasses were the invention of this guy - Fernando Laposse and his company The Sweet Glass Company, very cool idea!

The glasses (except the base) are completely made of sugar, they dissolved after about 15 minutes.

My notebooks and magnolia trays.

Cleo Ferin Mercury showed her lovely fashion accessories.

Gift card company i.e. (in other words) was another winner of the grant, they have created some really cute cards!

14 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine's Day sweet readers! Lots of internet love and kisses from me!

8 Feb 2013

The Best Cheesecake in the World

Please excuse this totally bragalicious post but I just had to tell you about this cheesecake I made the other day, it was bloody amazing.
It may look quite simple but it was just phenomenal, perfect creamy yet light texture, lovely flavour with a hint of vanilla and fresh lemon... I could go on but instead I'm just gonna say if you love cheese cake (like me) you have to give it a go! Find the recipe here.

PS. I left it in the oven for 15 mins longer than it said in the recipe (on the initial bake on 200 degrees).
PPS. I didn't use a table top mixer, I just mixed all the ingredients with an electrical whisk and that worked absolutely fine.

3 Feb 2013

Blueberry Shelves

Today I put up this cute blueberry shelf decoration, my mum got it for me. It's designed by a Swedish artist called Lotta Kühlhorn, she does a lot of cool retro-looking home products.

A very quick way to spruce up your kitchen! In a few months I'll change to my Easter shelf paper.

I also wanted to show you this lovely teapot we got as a belated wedding gift from James' brother in law, such a cute and thoughtful gift!

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