24 Feb 2013

Sunday London Tip

Are you a cake lover planning to visit London? Check out L'eto Caffé on 155 Wardour Street in Soho, even if it's just to drool over the window display!

Such beautiful cakes and pastries!

My friend Lauren and I shared a Bailey's/white chocolate cake, mmm!


Keyta Hawkins said...
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Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a perfectly brilliant kinda day! perhaps i'm appreciating it even more b/c our weather's been drizzly and grey lately.

i'm absolutely going mental over the treats plus the cool flower window display!! that's a beaut for sure, as are the two of you girls :) fab pics Lisa, you've got such a great eye. ♥

Jenna said...

This looks so so delicious! I'm drooling just looking at the photos :)


Abby.xo said...

Wow! Great pictures - the cakes all look so delicious! And great choice with the Baileys and White Choc...YUM.

Lovely blog - i'm a new follower on GFC and Twitter too :)
Abby x
Be You and Be Beautiful

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, everything about this place looks beautiful! Lots of interesting and delicious desserts, to say the least!

yovan said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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