26 Aug 2012

Swedish Hen Party!

I'm in Sweden now and yesterday was my Swedish Hen Party, or Möhippa as it's called in Sweden, all I can say is WOW what a day!
It started with a mysterious biker guy turning up at my house with an extra helmet, I was freaking out and my whole family got so excited!
I was given protective gear and a backpack to put some stuff in.
All suited and booted for the ride!

Then I was driven into Stockholm, it was so cool, bad ass hen do or what!? :)
When we arrived to town my driver gave me an envelope with a mission inside, it said to go to the café nearby and ask for "something fun to go with the latte". When I did that the café girl gave me a package and told me to go change in the ladies room into this funny outfit above. Then the next mission was to find the hen do gang who were waiting in a nearby park, all of my favourite girls were there with champagne, yay!

Then lots of fun followed: picnic lunch in the park with games and challenges, one was a boxing match agains another bride-to-be! Don't be fooled by my nerdy looks, I was coached by my friends and definitely kicked her ass!

After that we went to a lovely spa where we relaxed for a couple of hours, with more bubbly of course!
After the spa we went to a bar where my friends Jocke and Ricardo waited, they had made pins for everyone with my "A Piece of Lisa" blog design printed on them, so cute! We had cocktails and I opened presents and did more funny challenges.
We continued to a really cool restaurant/club where we had dinner and danced, it was a perfect place for a hen do, great party atmosphere!

After that we continued to another two clubs, as you can see from this snap at the end of the night, it was an excellent night out! It was a super duper awesome day and night, my friends are the best, thank you so much to Sofia and Tove who organised it and everyone who came and made my "möhippa" a memory for life!

20 Aug 2012

Lovely Birthday Weekend in Brighton

Last Friday was my birthday!
I had the best weekend, James woke me with pressies on Friday and on Saturday we went for a day trip to Brighton, it's a cool town an hour from London, down by the coast.

We had amazing luck with the weather, it was a perfect day for the beach and I was craving it so much after a rather rainy summer.
We had fish and chips...
And enjoyed the rays.
I even went for a dip in the ice cold water! It was nice though, but quite hard to walk barefoot on the pebble beach!
In the afternoon James took me to a really cool café/tea room called Metrodeco.
The interior decoration and furniture was really cool.

We had all of these goodies, and some pink prosecco!

After that we went to Brighton Flea Market and had a mooch, I found some cute little pieces I'm gonna use as props when I photograph my new trays after we come back from our honeymoon.

A perfect birthday, thank you James! ♡

15 Aug 2012

Busy Wedding Bee!

With only 2,5 weeks to go we are organising, fixing and planning with an intensity like never before!

Yesterday we sat down and drew up the table seating plan, it was very tricky to begin with but in the end we managed to place our guests in a way that we think will be awesome and fun for everybody. Now I'm going to print it out on a big sheet of paper, using my little birdies for the layout design of course!

And tonight we are taking a dance class to learn the basics of ballroom dancing for our first dance, should be interesting! :)

9 Aug 2012

Reader's Facecakes!

Remember my face cake tutorial? It's proven to be very popular and this week I was sent photos of two awesome reader's own face cake creations!
Adrienne made this yummy-looking cake for her brother's birthday.

Spot on!
Sarah used my stencil technique to create these two masterpieces, love it!

Thanks girls for sending me the pics, so fun to see your creations!

7 Aug 2012

Olympic Fever!

The Olympic Games have been a really great thing for London, the atmosphere is so positive here right now! There was a lot of talk beforehand about the negative aspects of it such as chaos on the underground etc. but I think the organisation has been excellent.

James and I have really enjoyed watching lots of the events on tv, and last Saturday we even got to see one live! James' brother Carl invited us to see the Olympic boxing in the Excel Arena, it was so fun!
It was so cool to see one of the Olympic sites, the Excel Centre is not the main arena but it is huge, and the atmosphere in and around it was great. Here are some awesome Thai supporters.

Carl, James and Johnny.
James was inspired by the event and got into a boxing match with a Turkish supporter...
But in the end they made friends!
The arena was huge, there were thousands of people in the crowd, and that was just one part of the Excel Centre! At the same time as the boxing there was also weight lifting, table tennis and one more event that I've forgotten going on at the same time.
The atmosphere was so cool!

Last two images from here and here.

2 Aug 2012

Lisa Edoff Design Notebooks

Today I have ordered a new product prototype for my business, these lovely notebooks! I am so excited to see how they'll turn out! (this image is a photoshop mock-up)

The Magnolia one is slightly smaller with lined pages, and the Peacock notebook has blank pages interlaced with some more printed images inside.

Which one do you like the look of the most? Also, would you prefer lined or bank pages in a notebook?

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