7 Aug 2012

Olympic Fever!

The Olympic Games have been a really great thing for London, the atmosphere is so positive here right now! There was a lot of talk beforehand about the negative aspects of it such as chaos on the underground etc. but I think the organisation has been excellent.

James and I have really enjoyed watching lots of the events on tv, and last Saturday we even got to see one live! James' brother Carl invited us to see the Olympic boxing in the Excel Arena, it was so fun!
It was so cool to see one of the Olympic sites, the Excel Centre is not the main arena but it is huge, and the atmosphere in and around it was great. Here are some awesome Thai supporters.

Carl, James and Johnny.
James was inspired by the event and got into a boxing match with a Turkish supporter...
But in the end they made friends!
The arena was huge, there were thousands of people in the crowd, and that was just one part of the Excel Centre! At the same time as the boxing there was also weight lifting, table tennis and one more event that I've forgotten going on at the same time.
The atmosphere was so cool!

Last two images from here and here.


Keyta Hawkins said...

Great pictures,it looks like a very exciting tournament!!! I bet it was an unforgetable moment.
- Keyta x

Karolina Pettersson said...

Åh jag är oxå helt OS-galen, sjukt kul!
Såg att du skrivit inne på bloggen, allt är bara bra med mig! Däremot får sommaren, jobb och sommarliv tyvärr kreativiteten att slacka en aning, så stackars bloggen och allt därtill har tyvärr blivit helt bortprioriterad...

Är lite i ett kreativt dödläge just nu, du vet när man lessnar på allt, sin teckningsstil, sitt fotografi, sin redigering etcetc... Förhoppningsvis blir det en nytändning när hösten kommer. Börja om på ny kula lixom. :)

Hur går det för dig med allt, produkter och företag? Skrivböckerna från förra inlägget kan jag tänka mig kommer att bli sjukt fina! Och dina mönster är som vanligt grymma!

...fast du kanske iofs har lite annat än jobb att tänka på såhär i (well inte riktigt än, men snart) bröllopstider...:)

Förlåt för att jag tog upp hela din kommentarsfeed här, men passar på när jag för en gångs skulle är inloggad på datorn och inte är ute och ränner eller gör nåt annat sommarbus! :)

Ha en fortsatt fin vecka!! Kram Karro

cb said...

how fun to be able to see a live event! that must have been thrilling!

Emily Baker said...

so cool that you got to go to Olympic events! what an incredible experience.

KristiMcMurry said...

I am SO JEALOUS!!! I would just absolutely love to be there right now. I've been watching a lot of the coverage, and it's just been so dang exciting. Glad you got to go to an event! That's definitely a once in a lifetime kind of thing :) Well...for me it would be. haha

Tashiatos said...

AAAAAAAAAAAH! So so so jealous! I really want to go there and watch! But glad that you had fun tho ( :

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i know just what you mean about the energy, when we had the winter Olympics here it was like that too. something in the air, such a happy, joyous vibe. you almost never want it to end except for the crowds...those i can do without ; ) your pics are fantastic lades, looks like you saw and did so much! life-changing experience for sure. xo ♥

Mary said...

So jealous - it just looks amazing!

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