31 Jan 2013


I am finally on instagram! I have never had a phone that was able to get the app, but now I do and I must say I love it! It's just so much fun! In honour of my new hobby here are a few snaps of what I've been up to lately: James and I looking after his adorable niece, Tempura Udon (yum!) with Lauren in Angel, my "Oh My Blog!" t-shirt, an exhibition space where I will be showing my products in a couple of weeks, and a couple of my wedding pics that I just wanted to put a filter on and post!

If you would like to follow me on Instagram my user name is @lisaedoff :)

Also, give a novice some tips, who should I follow?

23 Jan 2013

I've Been Featured in The Independent Magazine!

I've completely forgotten to show you my first ever press coverage in a national newspaper! Just before new year's my Wonderland tray was featured in the "Recommended" column in The Independent Weekend Magazine.

When I found out we were at my parent's house in Sweden, James got a message from a friend in London that he had spotted my tray in the mag and we all got really excited! We called James' dad and brother and asked them to run out and buy a couple of copies, it was such a great feeling. Now the article is proudly displayed on my wall!

17 Jan 2013

Two Zero One Three

I like the feeling of a fresh start and opportunity that a new year brings. It's fun to plan what you want to achieve and dream about what might happen this year.

In 2013 I know I will:

~Go to a summer wedding

~Turn 30 years old!

~Travel somewhere

~Work on new designs and products for my business

~Have a lot of fun with my husband ♥

In 2013 I dream of:

~Getting my products into physical shops

~Mastering making this cake 

~Exhibiting at a trade show

~Going to see Cirque de Soleil

~Getting better at photographing in low light

~Eating a lot of amazing food

What are your dreams and goals for this year? I love hearing about other people's plans so please share if you feel like it! :)

Photo credits:
1. Kate Moss's wedding, by Mario Testino for Vogue
3. Milano by Cherry Blossom Girl
7. Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Buttercream Cake by Sweetapolita
9. Cirque de Soleil review by Eight Nights a Week
10. Photograph by Emma Sundh
All other photos by me.

5 Jan 2013

Dark Magnolia

Here is a new version of my magnolia pattern - "Dark Magnolia". I think it would look nice on fabric, what do you think?

3 Jan 2013

My 2012 in Pics

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope 2013 has started off well for you all.
I am very excited about what this new year will bring but a little bit sad to see 2012 go, it was an incredible year and definitely the best year of my life so far!

Here is an image recap of all the amazing things that happened in my life during 2012, when I look back I feel so happy and extremely lucky to have experienced it all. Thank you everyone who was there and helped make the year so amazing, and thank you dear readers for your interest and support, I wish you all the best for 2013!


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