30 May 2012

Rings, Smoothies and Business Workshops

Hello and happy hump day!
Yesterday was a good day, first James and I went and got our wedding rings, hooray! We were both so excited and the rings look so beautiful. I was gonna post a pic but James says I'm not allowed to show it until we actually get married, so you'll have to wait a few months I'm afraid.
After we picked up the rings we had lunch at the street market on Leather Lane, I had a really yummy smoothie and a burger. The weather has been amazing this week, it makes you feel like you're on holiday!

After lunch I went to a business workshop at The British Library about intellectual property; copyright, trademarks, patents and that kind of stuff. I wanted to learn more about how I can protect my designs when I start selling them. The workshop was excellent, and completely free too!
A funny thing that happened when everyone in the group introduced themselves was that the lecturer knew who I was! When I told him my name he said he had read about me on Startups.co.uk, it's a website for entrepreneurs on which I write a monthly blog, it's called "Diary of a Startup". So far I've only written one article so I was surprised and of course very happy that he had heard about Lisa Edoff Design!

27 May 2012

Sweden Won Eurovision Song Contest 2012!

Wohooo Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest last night! The beautiful Loreen absolutely crushed the competition with her awesome song "Euphoria"! I love Eurovision, it's so much fun, there's always a good mix of good, bad, weird and totally nuts contestants!
But this year our song was really good, and Loreen is a great singer. Eurovision is huge in Sweden, it's a massive production every year.
Being in another country makes you even more patriotic, this is what I looked like when we won!

23 May 2012

A Wonderful Week in Sweden

We had such a fantastic week in Sweden, everything from the weather to the party and wedding planning was perfect!
The first thing we did was a wedding cake tasting session, mmm!
Then we met with the florist who will make my wedding bouquet and the table decorations to discuss colours and what type of flowers we will have.
I also tried on my wedding dress that had arrived to the shop, and it's perfect! It was so exciting to try it on in my size and with the right shoes and stuff, and I'm extremely happy with it, hooray!

The next day I met with my hair/makeup girl and had a test makeup, she was so sweet! I don't want to have too much makeup on since it's not my style so we decided on a quite natural look but with focus on the eyes, what do you think?
In the afternoon James' parents Michael and Gloria arrived so we showed them around Stockholm.
Here we are in Gamla Stan, the Old Town, it's a very cute and quaint part of Stockholm with its characteristic narrow streets.

Our lovely mums!
On the Saturday my parents threw us a wonderful party with lots of dear friends and amazing food that my mum cooked, it was so nice!
Arman, Sofia, Tove, Ulrica and Jimmy.

Everyone went mad for the buffet!
Me with my boys Joakim, James and Ricardo. My skirt and blouse are from Oasis.

The next day we took James' parents on a boat ride to the Stockholm archipelagos, it's so beautiful there!

We stopped at an island called Fjäderholmarna to have lunch at this lovely restaurant called Fjäderholmarnas Krog.
When visiting Sweden I recommend trying the shrimps, they are so tasty! We all had a shrimp salad with "Sean Connery dressing".
Stockholm really is beautiful this time of year, we didn't want to go back to London. But we'll be back soon, the next time James will come we will be getting married, eek!

Thank you mum and dad for everything, and thanks to Michael and Gloria for coming to visit!

20 May 2012

Enjoying life in Sweden!

Hi everyone, I'm in Sweden having a smashing time! We have had a packed schedule of wedding planning, meeting people, showing James' parents around and yesterday my parents threw a big party for our families and friends. My mum made an absolutely delicious buffet and it was so much fun to see old and new friends. The weather has been amazing and we've had so much fun, today we went on a boat trip to a beautiful island in the Stockholm archipelago, here's a photo of me on the boat but I'll share lots more photos when I'm back in London!

14 May 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was fantastic! We finally had some sun, so that was a good start, here's what I was up to:
  • On Saturday morning James and I picked out our wedding rings! I'm so excited about my ring, it's my dream wedding ring and so gorgeous! James' ring is lovely too, very elegant and classy, I think it really suits him!
  • Then I finally found my perfect office chair, I have been looking for a good one for a while.
  • In the evening our friend Jamie came over, together with James he cooked a mean spaghetti bolognaise, it was soo good!
  • After dinner we had a "Community" marathon, has anyone seen that show? It's seriously hilarious, my favourite comedy show right now.
  • On Sunday I went for a run and broke my distance record, I ran 8.2km! I'm very happy with that.
  • Then we chilled out and did some laundry, and for dinner James cooked an AMAZING burger with bacon and blue cheese, he also made parsnip "chips".
Looking back on my weekend I think I was very spoilt! Looking at rings and having boys cook me yummy food... it's a tough life! :)

Ps. The photo is the start of my running route, so lovely this time of year!

10 May 2012

Shoes, Cocktails and Nails

Last night I enjoyed the ultimate girlie evening! I was invited to Swedish online fashion site Nelly.com's Uk launch party at Aqua, a swanky club in central London. It was a fab event, thanks Nelly!

I wore this dress from H&M that I completely forgot I had, that the best feeling when you discover a "new" dress in your wardrobe, kind of like finding money in the pocket of old jeans!
We started off with some delicious cocktails...
While browsing Nelly's shoe collection...
and all of the cute clothes on show, these dresses are from AX Paris.
You could get manicures or have your makeup done by a professional, we opted for a manicure! I chose this luscious red to match my dress...
and my friend went for a cool green shade.

This guy was hanging out in the hallway...
and all around were performers and gorgeous fashion people.
Thanks Nelly for a really fun evening!

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