23 May 2012

A Wonderful Week in Sweden

We had such a fantastic week in Sweden, everything from the weather to the party and wedding planning was perfect!
The first thing we did was a wedding cake tasting session, mmm!
Then we met with the florist who will make my wedding bouquet and the table decorations to discuss colours and what type of flowers we will have.
I also tried on my wedding dress that had arrived to the shop, and it's perfect! It was so exciting to try it on in my size and with the right shoes and stuff, and I'm extremely happy with it, hooray!

The next day I met with my hair/makeup girl and had a test makeup, she was so sweet! I don't want to have too much makeup on since it's not my style so we decided on a quite natural look but with focus on the eyes, what do you think?
In the afternoon James' parents Michael and Gloria arrived so we showed them around Stockholm.
Here we are in Gamla Stan, the Old Town, it's a very cute and quaint part of Stockholm with its characteristic narrow streets.

Our lovely mums!
On the Saturday my parents threw us a wonderful party with lots of dear friends and amazing food that my mum cooked, it was so nice!
Arman, Sofia, Tove, Ulrica and Jimmy.

Everyone went mad for the buffet!
Me with my boys Joakim, James and Ricardo. My skirt and blouse are from Oasis.

The next day we took James' parents on a boat ride to the Stockholm archipelagos, it's so beautiful there!

We stopped at an island called Fjäderholmarna to have lunch at this lovely restaurant called Fjäderholmarnas Krog.
When visiting Sweden I recommend trying the shrimps, they are so tasty! We all had a shrimp salad with "Sean Connery dressing".
Stockholm really is beautiful this time of year, we didn't want to go back to London. But we'll be back soon, the next time James will come we will be getting married, eek!

Thank you mum and dad for everything, and thanks to Michael and Gloria for coming to visit!


Jenna said...

Wow, what a wonderful weekend with family - so glad you had lovely weather and everything went so well :) It's getting so close to the wedding, what is your exact date?


Sandra Bøgh Zerahn said...

that looks amazing! I hope to visit Stockholm in the fall, since I have a friend going there on an exchange program :-)

cb said...

wow, what a beautiful week you had! it sounds so great and i am soo happy all the wedding stuff went well. you look so beautiful and happy <3 love seeing you smile!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful week! Love the make up your styist did, you look gorgeous! xxx

Just Me said...

Lisa!!! I love your Wedding Make Up! It really suits you and please tell James not to read your blog, cause I just can´t wait to see the dress.
All pictures are lovely and I really think about goin to Sweden on my next vacation.
Do you know where to stay cheap and maybe go fishin around Stockholm?! My Boyfriend will past his final exams in June and I need a present and wants to have somethin he likes!
Anyway, I am always exicited about your great pictures! :)
Take care and enjoy the weather!


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Oh my gosh, I just found your blog and I love it. I love the graphics at the top of the page. And this post is lovely. I am studying Swedish right now in college and I am hoping to visit sometime within the year!


Steph said...

Looks like your wedding planning is coming along really well! The make-up looks lovely. :)

native moss said...

How fun! Your wedding makeup is gorgeous! I went with a simple and natural look also. Sweden is beautiful, I would love to visit one day. Can not wait to see your dress!

Unknown said...

LOVE the makeup. Glad you had fun :)

Johanna said...

Gamla stan, Fjäderholmarna – ni ser ut att ha gjort samma runda som jag gjorde med mitt amerikanska besök samma vecka! :)

Deer Little Fawn said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Everytime I see photos from Sweden it makes me want to go there. Your wedding makeup looks lovely, very pretty eyes.. James is gonna be one lucky guy! I can't wait to see photos from when you get married I can tell it's going to be a lovely day, excited for you!! :) x

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