31 Mar 2010


I finished my pattern, yay! It took a lot longer than I thought, pattern design is tricky business! But I'm really happy with it, and now I can do a lot of variations in different colours.

What do you think?

30 Mar 2010

Shopping Euforia!!

I am so excited over my new Karen Millen dress! It's absolutely gorgeous! I went with James' mum Gloria to find a dress for James' brother Carl's wedding in May. And as soon as we saw that amazing dress we knew it was the one! :)

Couldn't find a photo of the dress on the net so you'll have to wait until I'm actually wearing it, but this dress is also a beautiful Karen Millen piece.

Thanks so much to Gloria for a fabulous day!

29 Mar 2010

Wedding Music

Today I have spent too much time in front of my computer I think... I have put together a playlist for my friend Elin's wedding that I'm going to in three weeks. And then I coloured in my patterns which takes aaaaages since there's so much details, but it's looking really good! Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

Now I am going to relax with a tv show that absolutely do not require you to use any brain cells; "Swedish Hollywood Wives" love it! :)

Image from here

27 Mar 2010

Interview Avec Moi on Jotta.com

This week I was interviewed by the lovely peeps at Jotta.com. Check out the article about me and my work here!

On Today's Agenda...


1. Shopping

2. Baking something yummie

3. Finishing off the pattern and uploading it on the blog.

It's gonna be a great day! Hope you are having a nice Saturday too!

Images from here, here and here

22 Mar 2010

Lisa Grue Designs

Since I'm into pattern design right now I thought I'd show you some work of another Lisa - Danish designer Lisa Grue. I really like her style and the way she uses colours.

15 Mar 2010

Pattern Update

This is how the pattern design I'm working on looks now. It became much bigger that I'd planned so I went to my old university (University of the Arts London) but they wouldn't let me use the A3 scanner. Paying them thousands of pounds in tutition fees over four years doesn't give me the right to use their scanner for five minutes I suppose...

Anyway, my monkey came and cheered me up with a nice dinner and glass of wine so I'm happy now!

14 Mar 2010

The Most Inspiring Space Ever!

On Saturday I worked in this amazing studio/event space in Dalston. Such a cool atmosphere and lots of quirky objects everywhere, loved it!

12 Mar 2010

Pattern Sneak Preview

Happy Friday everyone!
I've been working on my pattern, here is a sketch of the main image that will be repeated in the pattern. I have lots more to draw though, the girl is gonna hold a giant clock in her hand and there will also be poppy flowers and leaves behind her. I'm really excited about this so I hope it will look good repeated as well!

By the way, when I draw images of people that are supposed to look realistic I always have a photo to look at to make sure the body has the right angles etc. When I can't find an image of someone with the right pose (like this girl here) I have to pose for the picture myself. These photos will do the trick but they always look horrendous! Usually it's just me without any make-up, in scruffy clothes and it just looks so silly. With this particular image it was even worse sine I had to put on a big russian-style hat as well! My old flatmates used to laugh so much whenever they caught a glimpse of one. Maybe one day I'll make an album of all of these posing pictures... or maybe not... most definitely not!

10 Mar 2010

Lisa Goes Surface Designer?

I've been wanting to try my hand at surface design for a while now, so today I'm going to design my first pattern! I want to change the blog background so I'm gonna try and make something a little more exciting. I'm inspired by Tim Walker's photographs, Gwen Stefani, cupcakes, Alexander McQueen and "Alice in Wonderland."

Photographs 1-6 by Tim Walker and cupcake from here

9 Mar 2010

Sooo Relaxed...

James bought me a spa-day for two as a gift, and of course I took him with me! We enjoyed the huge jacuzzi pool, steam room, sauna, "experience shower" and a great massage. And afterwards we relaxed and had a nice lunch. Mmm, so sleepy... must relax some more:)

8 Mar 2010

I Wish...

That summer wasn't so far away.

The Most Amazing Dress...

From last night's Oscars was in my opinion this purple dream worn by Zoe Saldana. Loves it!

I also like these ones:

The weirdest dress was definitely this one on Charlize Theron, what's with the flower boobs?
Sandra Bullock's dress was a bit shapeless and didn't really suit her I thought, but what does she care? She won an Oscar!

7 Mar 2010

Who's That Hottie?

I'm continuing to learn the functions of my camera, today I asked my handsome boyfriend to model for me so I could practise what I've learned. I think the photos turned out really well!

6 Mar 2010

Tuna Steak and Warm Pecan Pie in Angel

Just came home from dinner with Josefin, had a delicious peppercorn tuna steak, warm pecan pie and a great time!

5 Mar 2010

Practising With My Camera

Hello and hope you're having a great Friday!
Today I have been practising taking photos with my dslr. It's quite tricky with all the millions of settings but I'm taking baby steps! I walked around where I live, here are the best snaps...

And one where I'm playing around with shadows in my room... kind of looks like I'm saying; "No photos!"
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