28 Jun 2012

My First Product!

I am very excited and proud to present to you my first finalised product: the "Ice Cream Blossoms" circular kitchen tray. I am really happy about this design, and I have gotten amazing feedback from people that have seen it in real life.

I am itching to order a bunch more and start selling them, but first I have to finalise a few more designs so I can order them in one go. Then I will set up my own webshop, lately I have been looking into e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Cartel and SupaDupa, has anyone used any of those and would you recommend them?

I am also designing my logo and soon I'll order some business cards and promo material, so much to do but so exciting!


If you are interested in news about my Lisa Edoff Design products, for example when the webshop will launch: sign up to the A Piece of Lisa newsletter here.

25 Jun 2012

Make Me Run on Air!

In two weeks I'll be running in the British 10k London Run 2012, exciting! As you know I have been training hard to get from couch potato to 10k runner, I hope I will be able to go the whole distance!

This run is for charity and I am supporting Cancer Research UK, my target is to raise £300 for them. So now I am reaching out to you, my beautiful blog readers, to sponsor me by donating whatever you can here. It's really easy to donate with Paypal or debit/credit card, and remember no amount is too small (or large)!

I know there are more than 300 of you that reads this blog every day so if you all donated just £1 each we could blow my target out the window! So please, if you enjoy reading "A Piece of Lisa", take a minute out of your busy day to donate to an extremely worthy cause, together we will beat cancer.

Thanks ever so much!

21 Jun 2012

Rollercoaster Rides, Monkeys and Cows

For my last day in Sweden I went to Stockholm's theme park Gröna Lund with my friends Joakim and Ricardo, it was so fun! I hadn't been there for years, but we used to go when I was little and just go on all of the rides over and over again. Now they had built a new roller coaster plus some other new rides, so it was fun to try them, and it was a lovely sunny day/evening as well. It's amazing this time of year in Sweden, the days are so long, one night the sun was still up at 11.30pm!

Ricardo shot this awesome video and photos of us on the rollercoaster!
We also said hello to the cows (?) of Pamplona...
And cuddled with the Gröna Lund monkeys! I love the girl who's photo bombing us in the background! :)

19 Jun 2012

Raspberry + Chocolate Cake

Yesterday I made this beast of a cake for my mum, we celebrated that it was her last day at work.
We had to have some bubbly of course, this sparkling rosé was lovely.
Happy mum and dad.
The cake has chocolate sponge layered with raspberry mousse, whipped cream frosting and a chocolate glaze. No calories whatsoever!

Our house hedgehog came out to say hello and congratulate mum as well!

17 Jun 2012

Beautiful Baby Christening in Sweden

I'm in Sweden! Lately I've felt like a real jetsetter, after I came back from Spain I was in London for just three days before leaving for Sweden. Yesterday I went to my dear childhood friend Tove's son Sam's christening, it was so lovely!
Here's Tove, Sofia and I with baby Sam.
I love seeing Tove with her son, she looks so happy and you can see how much she loves him. Also, it's funny to see old friend's becoming parents, Tove and I have been best friends since we were one, and I remember so well what she was like when she was a little kid, and now she's a mum!
Tove and her fiancé Jonas with little Sam, such a gorgeous family!

Jonas' grandfather made a speech for his great grandson.
Sam enjoyed hanging out with his mum and "aunties" Sofia and Lisa.
I'm so happy to have my childhood friends and to be part of their lives, we have remained close even though I have lived in London for so long, I'm very grateful for that. Thanks Tove and Jonas for a wonderful day!

13 Jun 2012

Party Weekend in Marbella!

I just came back from a long weekend in Marbella, Spain. It was my friend Meera's hen do, she is getting married in two weeks. There was 14 of us, I didn't really know anyone except Meera before but they were all lovely and we had so much fun!
We stayed in a gorgeous pool villa.
We played games and drank champagne by the pool, amazing!

As a surprise activity Meera's sister had booked a pole dancing class! We all wore t-shirts with baby pictures of Meera on them, so cute!
The instructor was incredible, she made it look so easy...

when in reality it was bloody hard! You have to be so strong to be able to hold yourself up... But we all had a good laugh!
After the class we had cocktails in Puerto Banus, mine was with rum, mint and pineapple, so good!

In the evening we went out to a fun cheesy club and danced all night long.

The next day we lounged by the pool all day, and in the evening we went out for tapas. After that we had drinks and played more games at the villa, it was so fun and I got to know Meera's friends which was great. All in all an amazing weekend!

6 Jun 2012

The Jubilee Weekend in Pics

How was everyone's Jubilee weekend? I had a nice relaxing time, although we didn't manage to find any street parties near us, that was a bit of a shame but it was nice to see London decked out in flags and bunting. Otherwise I went to a birthday party, relaxed at home and watched the jubilee concert on tv, and yesterday James and I went to one of our favourite pubs in Highgate. Here are a few pics!

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