3 Jun 2012

It's the Queen's Jubilee!

This weekend is Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, she celebrates 60 years on the throne as the Queen of United Kingdom, go Queenie!
There are lots of celebratory activities around London (and the rest of Uk) today like street parties, food festivals, concerts and other events. We also have a four day weekend, hooray!
I'm going to go to my friend's birthday party which is bang in the middle of town so I'm expecting to pass some cool parties on the way and share the streets with a few million other Londoners, should be fun!

Happy Jubilee Weekend everyone!

Image no 1 from the official Queen's Diamond Jubilee website, second image is me six years ago in a university project, third image from The Londoner blog.


Chrissy said...

Awesome, sounds like fun! I bet it's amazing living in London! Enjoy the party! xxx

cb said...

how exciting! a four day weekend! wish i was in england right now! have fun sweetie!

Angela Marie said...

Sounds awesome! Wish I could be there, but great photos to look at since I'm not :)

Angela - The Lovely Cup

Janette said...

Oh mah gosh! That's probably soo soo soo fun! Be safe! Take lots of pictures for us to see the big bash!

Janette the Jongleur

Amy {I Am Adorkable} said...

Yay for a long weekend!! :) We might be off to a street party today! Have you baked any cakes? Enjoy the party lovely! :)

Josie said...

looks like so much fun!

Constance said...

Your blog is so nice and welcoming!


Colores said...

hOPE you had fun with your friends!!!I wish I were there...

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