29 Mar 2011

New Feature on A Piece of Lisa: Design Notebook

Design Notebook is a new weekly feature on A Piece of Lisa, in these posts I will write about designers, illustrators or any other kinds of artists that inspire me. I'm going to start off with Peggy Wolf, a very nice and talanted illustrator from Germany. She now lives and works in London, I met her at a designers market last year, she was really friendly and gave me and Josie some great advice about freelancing. But most importantly, I absolutely love her illustrations and collages! Here you can enjoy some examples, for more have a look at Peggy's website.

25 Mar 2011

iPhone Pad

How cool is this notepad? Lauren gave it to me, she bought them so we can use them when we start storyboarding our iPhone app, yay!

24 Mar 2011

Jennie's Food Challenge

Jennie Benjaminsson is a young Swedish chef and one of the finalists in the Swedish "Masterchef" tv show. My mum send me a link to her blog where every month she runs a competition, "monthly food challenge". This month's challenge is to create a recipe with chicken, here's my entry!

Healthy and Yummy Chicken Fajitas


  • Chicken fillets
  • baby gem lettuce
  • red pepper
  • onion
  • jalapeno peppers
  • fajita mix
  • mild or spicy salsa
  • cheddar cheese
  • sour cream or creme fraiche
  • fresh sweetcorn

Dice the chicken fillets and fry in a pan together with the chopped onion and peppers. Add the fajita mix and stir. Wash the lettuce and organize the leaves as "taco shells" on your plate. Grate the cheese and prepare the corn on the cob.

When the chicken is ready, place a little bit on each lettuce leaf. Then add grated cheese, jalapenos, salsa and creme fraiche/sour cream. Serve with the corn on the side and enjoy!

23 Mar 2011

Food Adventure at Borough Market

Last weekend James and I went to a food market in London called Borough Market.
The first thing we got was raclette, which is a Swiss speciality, it's basically potato with a special grilled cheese and cornichons.
James waiting in line with his ticket for the raclette.
Next we went to a stand with oysters, both James and I absolutely love oysters!
So we got one each of the biggest ones...animated gif maker
Animated gif maker
Then we looked at some beautiful meringues and macaroons...
but I decided to eat a huge German hot dog instead, delish!
There were amazing fish stalls...
but we bought something else that I had never tried before, which I'll show later on in the post!
This guy had the best cheese, we bought Camembert and blue cheese from him.
We also bought a box of oysters to take home, the oyster guy was so awesome, he chucked in extra oysters, a whole lemon and he even gave us some of his shallot vinegar to take away!

We had seven oysters each, with a really nice sourdough bread on the side, plus white wine of course!

Then it was time for the surprise main course - ostrich!
I'm quietly wondering what ostrich will be like...
delicious, it turns out!
Finally we had the wonderful cheeses with pear, crackers and quince jelly, best dinner ever!

20 Mar 2011

Pick Me Up 2011

Yesterday I went with my friend Lauren to my favourite London exhibition, "Pick Me Up" at Somerseth House. It shows fresh work from new and very talented graphic designers and illustrators from around the world.
It was at Somerseth House, and is still on until the 27th of March.
My favourite pieces were by Jessica Hische, I have written about her website "Daily Dropcap" before. She showcased her awesome typography on posters.
There were also lots of cool illustrated magazines and books that you could buy.
I really like this owl print, I don't remember what the designer was called though.
This funky poster was by Swedish designer Clara Terne.
Lauren checking out some books.
Another typographic poster by Jessica Hische.
Me and Lauren as a marshmallow and wood log!
This zebra print was really well done as well I thought.
Illustration by Yoh Nagao.

These dogs on the teapots are quite weird!
And at the end there was a nice 3D installation of a forest.

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