31 Jul 2011

Vineyards, Duck Salad and a Night Market - France Part 1

I'm back from my wonderful holiday in France. We had such a great time, thank you mum and dad for having us! France is so beautiful, here comes the first photo dump!
Salad with duck and rosé wine of course.
My mum grows lots of herbs in the garden.

The first evening we walked to the village centre to visit the night market.
There are vineyards everywhere in the area, so beautiful!

The night market.
We met up with some friends and had a drink at the plaza.

26 Jul 2011


Hello from France!
I'm having a wonderful time here with lots of sun, food, wine and good company! I'll tell you all about it when I'm back in London, right now I have to jump back into the pool! :)

24 Jul 2011

Frozen Kiwi and Banana Pops

Last weekend James and I had an "Arrested Development" dvd marathon, it's one of my favourite comedy tv-shows! In the show they sell frozen bananas in "The Banana Stand" and after watching so many episodes we started craving frozen bananas. So I had a go at making frozen banana and kiwi pops, they turned out super yummy!
I used take-away chopsticks to pierce the fruit, then covered it in melted milk chocolate. After about half an hour in the freezer I took them out and decorated the pops with white chocolate, chopped pistachios and almonds. Then I let them freeze for a few hours... et voilà!

22 Jul 2011

My Owl Pattern Design

Here's my latest pattern design, two sweet little owls!
What do you think I should use the pattern for?
or maybe journals?

20 Jul 2011

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hey sweethearts, I'm off to France for a holiday, hooray! My brother, James and I are going to join my parents for 9 days.
Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics, but I've also prepared some fun posts for you to read while I'm gone. I'm blogging from the airport right now, and it's time to board the plane, so... Au revoir!

19 Jul 2011

Did You Think London Could Look Like This?

Here are some photos of my beloved Highgate, a greener part of London. This is just near my house, it's a little hidden forest with a running path that used to be an old train track. Isn't it beautiful?

18 Jul 2011

Meet The Vintage Lover, The City Girl and The Designer: Sponsor Feature Part 2!

Here comes the second lot of my wonderful sponsors, please check these awesome ladies out and say hello, you won't regret it! :) Meet Chrissy, Lindsay and Mervi!

Right now Chrissy offers 20% with coupon code BIGMOVE20 when you visit her shop!

Would YOU like to sponsor A Piece of Lisa in August? Click here for more info, or email me on lisaedoff [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions!

15 Jul 2011

Flirting With: Sunny Hues

1. Kitchenware from Orla Kiely
2. Lemon Blouse from Anthropoligie
3. The Golden Age Dress from Fancy Treehouse
4. Grandfather Clock Necklace from Accessorize
5. Leather Colour Block Bag from Asos
6. Wedge Sandals from Asos
7. Interior Design and Photography by Hilda Granath

14 Jul 2011

Peachy Keen

Have you ever seen a peach looking like this? I recently discovered this type of peach, the store simply called them "flat peaches". I had to buy one just because it looked so funny! Turns out they are really good, and easier to eat than normal peaches, I only dribbled a little bit :)

On the subject of peaches, I wanted to show you two recipes I found that look amazing. I haven't tried them yet, but I intend to while I'm on holiday.
This peach cake has got to be the most beautiful cake in the world! So so pretty. And it looks absolutely delicious too! The recipe comes from Kiss the Groom and you can find it here.
The second peachy treat is this peach sangria, it looks so refreshing and summery! I found the recipe plus more summer drinks on Pizzazzerie.

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