29 Sep 2011

Autumn Design Sketch

Thanks so much for your comments and feedback on my last post!

Today I am working on my new autumn-inspired design, I think it's going to be great! Here is my work in progress, a little bit messy at the moment but it will all come together in the end.

28 Sep 2011

I Reached 500!

500 Google followers that is, hooray! Adding that to the email subscribers and Bloglovin' I now have 745 followers, wohoo!

Thanks everyone who follows me and reads this blog, you make me so happy!

I'd like to take the opportunity to ask you all a question...

I think a lot about what this blog should be about and what kind of posts I want to make, so I'm wondering what you would like to see more of on A Piece of Lisa? Outfits, recipes, tutorials (Photoshop or crafty), inspirational photos or something completely different? It would be so helpful to hear what your favourite posts are so I can continue to improve this blog!

Many thanks in advance!

Ps. How crooked are my thumbs!? :)

26 Sep 2011

100% Design Show Favourites

On Sunday Josefine and I went to a huge design fair called 100% Design in Earl's Court.
You could find beautiful glass and light installations from Preciosa...
As well as amazing animal chairs by Maximo Riera.
The octopus was my favourite, but there was also a rhinoceros...
And a walruss.
I love this wallpaper, you can peel off little bits and reveal shapes and a different colour underneath, beautiful!
These pillows are designed by Chocolate Creative, they make handmade homewares and accesories.
free gif maker
Josefine and I both really liked these "egg" chairs, by Channels Design. They were beautiful, and good for spinning!
This product was something I've never seen before, they are really beautiful, artistic eyelashes! Paperself makes these unique false eyelashes out of paper, imagine wearing them to a really cool fancy dress party!

This recycled and handmade lamp is from Kozo Lamp. I find it so adorable, it reminds me of Wall-E!
Lastly, a really lovely exhibition booth that was built up like a beach hut, by Creative Trust.

23 Sep 2011

Savvy September Sponsors!

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I'd like to start my weekend with presenting these fab sponsors of mine, they are all so cute! Check out these savvy bloggers and shops, you won't regret it!

Hi, my name's Steph. I live in Seattle with my dashing fiance Dean and our portly cat Schnitzel. They are my two greatest loves but I also really like comics, fairy tales, indie pop, and theme parties. Hometown Unicorn is a diary for my daily adventures and a means of motivating myself to finish a slew of half-done craft projects.

blog | the gentleman scientist

My name is Randi and I have been a fabric lover for a long time - ever since I was little andmy grandma carted me to the fabric store every weekend. It always seemed magical to spend time in her "fabric closet" looking through her fabrics, ribbons and buttons and dreaming of what those goodies might become.

My shop "Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics" aims to carry the best in modern, designer fabrics for the sewing enthusiast. My products are high-quality and will meet most of your crafting needs. Ihave been serving my wonderful customers for 4 years now!

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Hi I'm Cristie of The City Bird's Shop. I'm so happy with my new collection. It was inspired by my recent trip to the Redwood's forests in Northern California and my deep passion for tribal prints and patterns. I used reclaimed leather and I handpainted the gold patterns & accented each with a lemon shark tooth. This collection speaks to who I am as a designer and the passion that I evoke for the world around me.

Hello! You are welcome to come and visit my blog, you'll find unique and OOAK handmade goodies! Nail polish jewelry, handbags, purses, necklaces and much more. And, of course, my bunnies. I hope to meet you there!

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22 Sep 2011

Colour Inspiration: Indigo and Rose

Dazed & Confused July 2011, Photography Viviane Sassen, Styling by Katie Shillingford
Home styling by Hans Blomquist at Ikea
Photograph by Ninagawa Mika
Living room designed by Anne Coyle
Hair and makeup styling via The Cherry Blossom Girl
Photograph by Aga Doyle

21 Sep 2011

The Designer Vase Giveaway Winner Is...


Yay, Congrats Lynn! I'm so happy to send you this gorgeous piece, just email me your address pleasey to claim your prize!

Ps. Check out Lynn's lovely blog 'Hearted Girl' here.

20 Sep 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: Sharpen Your Photos

In this tutorial I will show you an easy but very effective way to sharpen your photos. This technique is really useful, with a few easy steps you can "save" and improve those great shots that just came out a little bit unsharp.

Ok, let's start.
After you have adjusted your levels (learn how to do that here), go to your Layers panel. Make a copy of the Background layer by dragging it to the 'Create a new layer' symbol, next to the trash bin.

Click on the new layer and then click where it says Normal. Change this to Soft Light.

Now go to the Filter menu, down to Other, then click on High Pass.

Here you can adjust and preview the High Pass filter. You can play around and try a few different numbers here, but I personally find that somewhere around 10 pixels works best.

Go to Layer/Flatten Image, and you're done!

Below are a few more examples of before/after sharpening.

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