26 Sep 2011

100% Design Show Favourites

On Sunday Josefine and I went to a huge design fair called 100% Design in Earl's Court.
You could find beautiful glass and light installations from Preciosa...
As well as amazing animal chairs by Maximo Riera.
The octopus was my favourite, but there was also a rhinoceros...
And a walruss.
I love this wallpaper, you can peel off little bits and reveal shapes and a different colour underneath, beautiful!
These pillows are designed by Chocolate Creative, they make handmade homewares and accesories.
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Josefine and I both really liked these "egg" chairs, by Channels Design. They were beautiful, and good for spinning!
This product was something I've never seen before, they are really beautiful, artistic eyelashes! Paperself makes these unique false eyelashes out of paper, imagine wearing them to a really cool fancy dress party!

This recycled and handmade lamp is from Kozo Lamp. I find it so adorable, it reminds me of Wall-E!
Lastly, a really lovely exhibition booth that was built up like a beach hut, by Creative Trust.


Unknown said...

Loving all of this weirdness! Those pillows are awesome.

♥ sécia

steph said...

The animal chairs look like such fun! The octopus would probably be my favorite too- amazing.

Kelli DeGrazier said...

this looks like so much fun!! love it!


Miki said...

Those pillows are so cool! Hope you have a fun week! ;D


Julia said...

i´m in love with the octopuss-chair. looks so damn mystical. i´d like to be a pirate. har har. :) xo julia

Unknown said...

So many interesting and beautiful products!!!

Eleni said...

Octopus chairs! Butterfly eyelashes! Goldfish deckchairs! I am almost too excited to click the links to find out more :D

emily said...

omg i love those false eyelashes! not a fan of regular ones but i'd wear these in a heartbeat!! ty for shraing :)

Kelley Kronic said...

that walrus is amazing

Unknown said...

my goodness those eyelashes are beautiful!

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