31 May 2010

James' Brother's Wedding

The wedding was great fun! I especially liked the band, it was like a swing/jazz band with instruments like clarinet and trumpets. They played up-beat music that you can see people dance to in 50's movies, so much fun to dance to!

Everything else was lovely too, the food, the venue and the ceremony. It was the first time I was in a synagogue, so that was interesting to see.

29 May 2010

Pre-Wedding Party

Tomorrow James' brother is getting married. Today we went over to his parents who had organized a get-together with the whole family. It was really nice and there were some yummie food. This is how I looked!

First Week at Nude

I have now started a new placement at a design company called Nude. I've got a really exciting and kind of different brief, I'm making a short animation with the theme Nude. I can interpret it anyway I want to but they gave me some ideas that I might take inspiration from.

Here are some photos of Nude's cool studio:

A little experiment I was doing with the deer "Black Buck."

23 May 2010

Hot Town, Summer in the City

London is like that Joe Cocker song right now! Today was absolutely scorching!

This has been my weekend:
On Friday I brought these yummie carrot cake-muffins to work since it was my last day at the placement at WonderlandWPA.
Senior designer Jessica liked them! (and so did everyone else actually)
Amy, Robin, Lucy, Sachin, Jess and me. I'm sad to leave since everyone was so nice, it was a great work experience. Now I've just got to wait until my coffee design comes out in store so I can show everyone!

Then on Saturday I had my hair cut and highlighted.
It is hard to believe that this image of horror…
miraculously turned out like this when it was finished!
I love my new colour!
Saturday evening my boyfriend's brother Carl treated us to a barbeque with halloumi, lamb kofte, steak and hamburgers! And his girlfriend Vicky made a delish potato salad, yum!
Today I have spent the day in the park, and the evening working on a drawing that I am making for my cousin Anna's baby girl. So far it's looking good!

Last image from here

19 May 2010

It's Ricardo Bitches!

Last week it was my friend Ricardo's birthday. I didn't have time then, so here's a belated birthday tribute to the fierce and fabulous Rico! Work it!

16 May 2010

Food Celebration with Josie and Laura

Yesterday was a lovely day. My friends Josefine and Laura had just handed in their final projects for uni, so we celebrated by eating lots of nice food! First Laura and I went to a really nice pub in Highgate called The Flask where we had posh fish & chips, delish! Then Josie came (with cupcakes) and we went for tea and lavender cake at this supercute little tea café. Then we went to mine and ate the cupcakes that Josefine brought. Finally we had pizza at Luigi's which is a tiny restaurant around the corner from my flat. Now I should probably go on some sort of diet… or not, that sounds boring!

Women Loved Him Half to Death, He Died With Whiskey on His Breath

Some groovy painted signs behind the "Bogaloo" bar in Highgate.

14 May 2010

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Design!

I've been working at wonderlandWPA for four weeks now and it has been a really great experience. One of my favourite things I have done there was a design proposal for a coffee packaging for a Swedish brand called Löfbergs Lila. Wonderland has re-designed all of their products (really cool stuff I think), except that there was one type of coffee that they hadn't been able to "crack." All of the options they presented were rejected by the coffee company. So they asked me to come up with some new ideas for this Colombian blend. I made four options, and today I found out that Löfbergs Lila wanted one of my designs! It feels awesome because the designers had done sooo many different options for them before, yet all of them were rejected, and now they have approved on my idea! This just proves what I have always suspected... I'm a f-cking design genius! :)

Next week I'm gonna develop the idea, I have to change the colours a bit which will be a new challenge since they have used almost all of the colours under the sun on the other packages. But I'm looking forward! I can't show you any pictures yet, but here are some other designs that wonderlandWPA have done for Löfbergs Lila.

So the design I'm working on will have a similar theme of the cup with a coloured background…

8 May 2010

Susie Bubble Portrait

My favourite fashion blog is Style Bubble, run by London girl Susie Bubble. I love her crazy style, she's so quirky and cute. Susie definitely has her own style, which you can't say about a lot of fashion-bloggers, I think most of them look the same!

Anyway, I love her blog so I made this portrait of Susie, I think I captured her look. What do you think?

1 May 2010

Illustrations, Prints, and a Huge Bum!

Last weekend I went to an exhibiton called "Pick Me Up" at Somerset House. I went with Josefin and Laura, and we had a great time! Really enjoyed the exhibiton, it was a mixture of graphic prints, illustrations and some other types of art.

We all loved these illustrations by Micah Lidberg, published by a specialist art print house called Nobrow.
They had a really nice display with this big flower and other cool props…
The illustrator's collective Peepshow had organized a printing workshop.
I love these simple but effective graphic prints by James Joyce.
This piece by Hvass&Hannibal was another favourite.
Some cool dolls (I forgot who the artist was).
This has got to be the funniest "art piece" I have ever seen! It was like this big shape with a hole in the middle, and if you looked through that hole you could see paintings inside a small room, and there was music too. It wasn't until Josie asked "did you put your face in that big bum?" that I actually looked at the white shape and realised what it was! The fact that it was called "Le Bum" made it even funnier. As if adding a French "le" in front of the word would make it sound more sophisticated or something...
Then I forced Josie and Laura to look inside Le Bum as well, he he…
We also said hello to my old classmate Jackie, who worked at the exhibiton, printing for Rob Ryan. Here's her hand!

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