1 May 2010

Illustrations, Prints, and a Huge Bum!

Last weekend I went to an exhibiton called "Pick Me Up" at Somerset House. I went with Josefin and Laura, and we had a great time! Really enjoyed the exhibiton, it was a mixture of graphic prints, illustrations and some other types of art.

We all loved these illustrations by Micah Lidberg, published by a specialist art print house called Nobrow.
They had a really nice display with this big flower and other cool props…
The illustrator's collective Peepshow had organized a printing workshop.
I love these simple but effective graphic prints by James Joyce.
This piece by Hvass&Hannibal was another favourite.
Some cool dolls (I forgot who the artist was).
This has got to be the funniest "art piece" I have ever seen! It was like this big shape with a hole in the middle, and if you looked through that hole you could see paintings inside a small room, and there was music too. It wasn't until Josie asked "did you put your face in that big bum?" that I actually looked at the white shape and realised what it was! The fact that it was called "Le Bum" made it even funnier. As if adding a French "le" in front of the word would make it sound more sophisticated or something...
Then I forced Josie and Laura to look inside Le Bum as well, he he…
We also said hello to my old classmate Jackie, who worked at the exhibiton, printing for Rob Ryan. Here's her hand!


Anonymous said...

this looks like so much fun! I love that acordian book and that courtyard installation is awesome!

Alivia said...

This cracked me up!* Love your blog/design, too! It makes me want to start exercising my sense of fashion more often.

*Pun intended, after realizing I made it!

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