31 May 2011

Headband DIY, Lemon Bread and The Proposal - May Roundup!

I can't believe May is already coming to an end! The only way to sum up the month is with a big wow! Of course the biggest, bestest, most huge and wonderful thing in my life this month was that my boyfriend James proposed to me (eeeep!). I loved sharing it with you guys as well, you are the best readers in the world! Even James exclaimed: "They're so nice!" when he read your comments!

But of course there was some other fun stuff going on too, here are my favourite posts!

28 May 2011

Flirting With: Summer Hats

1. The queen of beautiful hats, Coury of Fancy Treehouse
2. Trilby with flower, Accessorize
3. Scalloped edge floppy hat, Asos.com
4. Striped grass fedora, Anthropologie
5. Tabby cloche, Anthropologie
6. Felt Boater Hat, Asos.com
7. Straw trilby, Anthropologie

25 May 2011

Haircut With a Twist

Yesterday I got my hair cut and high-lighted, it felt so nice because it was ages since I last had my hair done. There was a small surprise though... I had booked an appointment at a place I had been to before, but this time I was gonna try a new stylist called Jessica. So yesterday I walked into the salon and was immediately greeted by Jessica... who is a man... in a skirt and glittery top. That was definitely a first! I mean it's obviously not the first time I meet a transvestite (I live in London after all!) but normally that occurs in a glitzy nightclub, not at the hairdressers in the middle of the day :) Anyway, Jessica turned out to be lovely and I'm really happy with the cut, I like the fringe! What do you guys think!
I also did a little detour to H&M and picked up this nautical striped top...
and flowery blouse. I love the loose model and colours!

24 May 2011

Thank You Everyone...

For your lovely thoughts and comments on my previous post, James and I really appreciate every single one!

Wow... What a weekend! It's so weird when you think back to before something life-changing happens... on Friday I had no idea this was gonna be one of the most important weekends of my life! We are still in a bit of a shock engagement bubble and regularly look at each other and just freak out! :)

James proposed in a restaurant in central London, a dim sum place (we both love dim sum) with amazing food and really cool interior design, everything goes in blue and the ceiling was dark with lots of small lights, like stars. After I said yes we drank pink champagne and tried to get to grips with what just happened. Everything was perfect, but what moved me the most was all the effort he put into getting the perfect ring. When we were in Sweden he asked my mum for advice about the style of the ring when I went to the grocery store, back in London he had it made with the diamond that was his grandmother's. I feel so honoured.

Again, thank you for your thoughts. The wedding isn't until next year but I'm looking forward to share my ideas with you all!


image source

22 May 2011

James Asked Me To Marry Him!

I can't believe I'm engaged!!!
James proposed with a ring made with a diamond that belonged to his grandmother, so special!
It's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.
We couldn't be happier!

Something Amazing Happened This Weekend...

19 May 2011

Pimms Pimms Pimms!

In England summer is officially here when people start drinking Pimms and lemonade in the sun. Even though I've lived here for six years it was only last summer I tried this drink for the first time, but since then I've been hooked! There's nothing more refreshing on a hot summer's day.

Here's how to make Pimms: fill a glass with ice, mint leaves, strawberries, orange and cucumber. Mix 1 part Pimms with 3 parts lemonade (and by lemonade I mean 7up or Sprite), drink and relax!

17 May 2011

DIY - Vintage Chic Headband

Hello lovelies! Here comes a brand new tutorial that I've created especially for you! You will learn how to make this elegant vintage-style headband, it's easier than it looks!
These are the materials you'll need: a plain elastic headband (this one is from H&M), some natural feathers (I ordered mine online from a craft shop), superglue, a decorative button and some nice ribbons.

After selecting 3-4 feathers, rip off the fluffy bottom bits and cut the feathers to make the "stem" shorter. Arrange them on the headband and glue them on one-by-one.
Take the ribbon and fold it into a bow-shape like this, glue between the layers so it stays like that. I also attached a little bit of a gold ribbon on the back of the bow, but of course you don't have to do this.
Now glue the ribbon on top of the feathers, hold it down for a while to make sure it's set.
After that it's time for the finishing touch - the button. I use the superglue to attach the button as well.

Experiment with colours, different kinds of ribbons and buttons, it's so much fun! This is another headband I made for my friend Josefine.

15 May 2011

Sweden 2

Here's the rest of our lovely trip to Sweden...

On the Saturday we went out with our friends Sofia, Tove, Jonas and Arman. This photo cracks me up, notice how Jonas' (in the back) feet are not touching the ground! :)
First we had some drinks at a bar called Snaps, it was so nice to sit outside drinking rosé.
Tove and Arman.
Then we went to have dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, so yummy, I love meze!
The next day we met up with my cousin Frida, her boyfriend Stefan and their little daughter Edith whom I had never met before, it was so nice to see them!
Edith is probably the happiest baby in the world, so precious!

14 May 2011

Lemon Bread

When I was in Sweden I made this fabulous lemon bread. We had it with our dinner; salmon cerviche and bulgur, it was perfect! The recipe comes from my favourite Swedish baking blog "Söta Saker", you can find the recipe here. I think you can translate it with Google translate. If it doesn't work and you really want the recipe, shoot me a comment and I'll translate it for you!

Ps. Tonight we are organizing a Eurovision Song Contest evening, yay! We're gonna have lots of snacks; veggies with dips, cold meats, olives, tortilla chips & James' guacamole, taramasalata and cocktail sausages, yum! I like England's song by Blue but we are rooting for Sweden so please vote for Eric Saade everyone! :)

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