27 Feb 2010

Senza Mama

Here's an illustration I did in college. It is based on Puccini's opera number "Senza Mama" from Suor Angelica.

26 Feb 2010

Some Pretty Things I Got Last Weekend

I wanted to show you some cute stuff I bought last weekend when I went shopping with my mum.

These cool retro coasters for my living room...
This adorable tweezer...
These posh napkins...

And a lovely scented candle (although this one was so expensive my mum got it for me, isn't she nice?)


Today I had to draw this cartoon for a job application. It is not something I would usually do, but it turned out quite cute!

25 Feb 2010

Graffiti in the City

In a large tunnel near Waterloo station there is an explosion of amazing graffiti. I'm not talking about your average train station vandalism but proper street art. When Josie did a course in Street Fashion Photography she asked me to model (I'm using the term 'model' very loosely:) in the tunnel, and I also photographed her. It was a really fun project!

24 Feb 2010


Today I went for an interview with a design and branding company and landed a paid placement. I'm gonna start in April/May, so excited!! Weehoo!

Picture found here

23 Feb 2010

Konichiwa Bitches

Today I have had a really busy but boring day, didn't have time to do anything fun or creative... So to cheer myself up I'm gonna show you an illustration of Swedish singer Robyn that I'm really pleased with. Hope you like it too!

22 Feb 2010

21 Feb 2010

Eating My Way Around London!

Helli hello!
This weekend my mum was here to visit me, yay!
One of the best things about having someone over is all the yummie food and cute cafés you can find when you have time to stroll around London. On our first day we went to Angel which is a great little area of London, that's where I photographed these amazing meringues in the window of a place called Ottolenghi.

We had coffee at Carluccio's...

and later found this precious little shop opposite of Spitalfield's Market. If you are ever around Liverpool St Station in London you must visit this shop! It's so cute and the couple that owns it are lovely. And they make the best sandwiches I have ever tasted! Make sure you try their special home-made mango chutney-mustard...
We also bought some really good (and hot) chili-cheese.

18 Feb 2010

My First Animations

Thought I'd show you some old-fashioned (stop motion) animation I did back at university during my first animation course. They are very simple but I still like them, they're cute and remind me of how excited I was to see my drawings move for the first time!

17 Feb 2010

New Profile Pic!

Today I have been working on a new illustration for my profile picture here on Blogger. I liked the photo but thought it was a bit boring in black/white, so I drew a self-portrait for the first time since school. What do you think, does it look like me?

16 Feb 2010

My Next Project...

After an animation that I am working on for a job application, I want to do a 3D design project. I am really inspired by these trees by YCN and Allan Deas.

15 Feb 2010

Valentine's Weekend

My old friend Nina came to London over the weekend, it was so good to see her again! We went to our old workplace Hard Rock Café and had way too much food, danced to country rock and laughed at old memories.
On Sunday James and I had a little Valentine's dinner. He bought me an awesome remote control for my dslr camera, now I can photograph myself! Pictures to come...
I hope you had a nice Valentine's weekend too!

Nina and her boyfriend Axel.
An old photo of Nina, I think she looks like a 1950's movie star here!

Owl-heart illustration from here, lovebirds photograph from here, found via weheartit.com

12 Feb 2010


This is an illustration I did about five years ago. I really like her, but don't know what to use her for...

11 Feb 2010

I Love Dressing Up!

At a recent catering job I did all the staff were dressed up as magical characters from fairy tales. It was so much fun! I was dressed as a 19th century princess. I loved the dress, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos on the fairy tale set so this shot doesn't do it justice, but you can see my amazing hair creation! The dress was sooo warm though, and it was heavy to carry around all the underwire on my hips. Don't know how the women could stand it in those days!

Shocker! Alexander McQueen Dead

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead thursday morning, he took his own life a week after his mother died. McQueen was only 40 years old. So sad! He will be remembered for his magical designs.

Source: aftonbladet.se

Male Playboy Bunny?

Walked past this FCUK shop window yesterday.

10 Feb 2010

Portfolio Review Part 2

The portfolio review was great! The designer that looked at my work was so helpful and he even said some of my work was 'amazing', yay! I also met a lot of lovely people, it was fun to mingle with other graduates and designers. If you are a design graduate in London and want a professional designer to help you with your portfolio I recommend signing up to Consurgo.

Shoredith is a funny area of London, it has got some really funky cool bars and shops, but there are also extremely weird places. On the way home I walked by this massage parlor called "T's Massage. Would you go there for a rub?

This is How I want To Look This Spring (But Not This Skinny)

Versace's Spring Collection 2010. So fresh and cute!
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