11 Feb 2010

I Love Dressing Up!

At a recent catering job I did all the staff were dressed up as magical characters from fairy tales. It was so much fun! I was dressed as a 19th century princess. I loved the dress, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos on the fairy tale set so this shot doesn't do it justice, but you can see my amazing hair creation! The dress was sooo warm though, and it was heavy to carry around all the underwire on my hips. Don't know how the women could stand it in those days!


Stef said...

That's so cool, I love the hair!

Lexi said...

It's so fun to dress up, I love this outfit! I'm going to a masked ball next week, it would be cool to wear something like this, wear did you get it?

Lisa said...

Hi Lexi, everything I'm wearing in this picture belonged to a professional costume company that dress people up and do make up and hair, so unfortunately I don't know where the dress is from. xoxo Lisa

Rishiemelo said...

fan vad snyggt Lilo
du borde ha snott klänningen till mig!

Lisa said...

Eller hur! Skulle ha stoppat den under tröjan, ha ha

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