27 Jul 2012

Brother Time

Last weekend my brother Peter came to visit, and he brought some good weather with him, hooray!
It felt like summer had finally arrived to London, we went shopping on Regent Street with all of the flags for the Olympics...
which starts tonight! I am excited to watch the opening ceremony on tv, will you be tuning in? Also, my brother in law has offered me and James to come and see the Olympic boxing next weekend, how cool is that?

Peter's friend Jake really wanted to go to the National History Museum, so we did. It was cool, the dinosaur section was my favourite!
The models of the world's largest animals were also quite impressive!
After the museum we walked to Kensington Gardens and had afternoon tea at The Orangery.
The scones with clotted cream are my favourite!

We also had a fun night out with James and some other of Peter's friends, and we got treated to a delicious home-made pasta dinner, cooked by Jake and Peter. All in all a great weekend!

26 Jul 2012

Diary of a Start-Up

If you would like to read more about my adventure of starting up my design business check out my monthly blog "Diary of a start-up" on startups.co.uk

I write about my progress and what I've learned so far, and I share lots of tips and ideas for anyone that is dreaming of starting up their own business!

25 Jul 2012

New Pattern Design: Magnolia

Here is my latest pattern design "Magnolia". I think it will look really nice on a rectangular tray and also on fabric.

I'm really happy with the way the magnolia flowers look now, much better than this colouring.

My inspiration for this pattern was springtime in London, where I live there are lots of beautiful magnolia trees. so lovely when they are in bloom!

19 Jul 2012

My Hen Do (Bachelorette Party) in London!

So last weekend I was treated to an epic hen do by my friends here in London, I haven't had so much fun in a long time!

The day was organised by my lovely friend Lauren, I had no idea what we were gonna do. It started with afternoon tea at a really nice and posh place called the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel. Here's (from left) Lauren P, Josefine, me, Tania, Lauren N and Meera.
We had some champagne of course!
We had a brilliant waiter called Antonio, he was so enthusiastic about absolutely everything, it made the the whole thing even more fun!
Lauren ♡
We had sandwiches, scones and different types of cakes (as you should with proper afternoon tea), everything was so delicious! They even had special chocolate scones, they were amazing!
Tania tucking into the sandwiches.
Tanned and gorgeous Meera had just gotten back from her honeymoon!
The other Lauren gave me this sleeping mask that she made, so sweet!
I also received this naughty gift!
Josefine had planned and created my outfit, first I was crowned queen of the day with this amazing flower crown. It was a mix of Swedish midsummer/Lucia wreath with little pictures of me and James as playing king and queen of hearts in it!
She had also got me this shirt, it had funny pictures of James printed on it.

Onto the next place...
Which was a pub where we had Pimms and played games.

On the tube to the next activity...

Rocking out the tunes, so much fun!
As an extra bonus, my friend Nina from Sweden (who just happened to be in London this weekend) showed up with her sister.
"Starships were meant to flyyyy"
After the karaoke we went to a bar nearby, I can proudly say I wore the crown the whole night, although it looked a bit dead towards the end :)
Thank you so much to all of my wonderful girls for an absolute blast of a hen, such a great memory! Special thanks to Lauren who organised everything and to Josefine who put so much effort into creating my awesome outfit!

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