30 Nov 2011

Gems of the Net: Christmas Edition

It's the first of December tomorrow! I can't believe how quickly time has passed since summer, but I am very excited about all the fun things that comes with Christmas. So to get in the mood, here's a special Christmas edition of 'Gems of the Net', enjoy!

1. What's more welcoming than a lovely Christmas wreath on the front door? This beautiful letter wreath was created by Adrienne of Our Unexpected Journey, she shares how to here.
2. I love wrapping presents in creative ways! Here are some really cute ideas by Ellinée.
3. Edible typographic poster by Anna Garforth, looks both beautiful and yummy!
4. Tree decorations for the design nerd - Pantone baubles. Created by Selab Studios for Italian design house Seletti.
5. My favourite Christmas smells are of Swedish pepparkaka and oranges with cloves in them, these pretties are from 'Lilla A' blog.
6. Hand made gifts are so sweet and fun to receive, I love this tile coaster gift tutorial by Lindsay of The Cottage Home.
7. Since I was little I've always loved making Christmas candy, here are two excellent recipes from Söta Saker: Chocolate Fudge and Fig and Nut Chocolate Slab (use google translator if you're not Swedish.).
8. Lucia in St. Paul's church. I've never been but I've heard it's so beautiful. Such a shame I wasn't able to get a ticket! Photo from here.
9. Another sweet gift idea; how to make a teacup candle. Tutorial by Bayside Bride, photographs by Natalie Franke.
10. And to round it off, some irresistibly cute wrapping papers from Minimega.

28 Nov 2011

Calling For December Sponsors!

Ho ho ho!
Who wants to sponsor A Piece of Lisa for the month of December?
The month leading up to Christmas will be packed with posts about the perfect gifts, food, decorations and DIY's, it's the happiest time of the year and perfect for advertising your business, website, blog or Etsy shop.
A Piece of Lisa now has an average of 11.000 unique visitors per month, with a record of 1261 visits in one day! With over 800 followers and lots of recent exposure on sites such as Poppytalk, Craftgawker and Pinterest there are exciting times ahead!

If you're interested in sponsoring A Piece of Lisa you can check out my sponsorship info here or email me at lisaedoff [at] gmail [dot] com

Many thanks for your consideration!

26 Nov 2011

A Fashionable Goose and The Best Pasta in London

This week I was invited to a really fun launch party at Coach on New Bond St.
It was the revealling of this new tote bag designed by fabulous fashion blogger Emily Johnston, editor of Fashion Foie Gras. I think the bag is gorgeous, and it's perfect for bloggers because it has a really clever compartment for your dslr camera!
Here's the lovely Emily herself with her creation. Emily is known for being the nicest woman in fashion!
I love photo booths, so fun at parties! The second pic of Lauren cracks me up, she looks like a teenager with an attitude!
There were yummy drinks of course...
And little goose biscuits, cute!
There were also a lot of beautiful, very fashionable people!
After the party Lauren took me to Vapiano, a fab Italian restaurant behind Oxford Circus.
They have different stations where you order your food, and then the chefs cooks it in front of you. We both went for pasta.
A lot of basil, I love the scent!
First you decide what kind of fresh pasta you would like, then what topping and flavours.
The pasta was probably the best I have ever had in London, so much flavour and soo yum!
All in all, an excellent night!

25 Nov 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: Dreamy Bokeh Effect

Hello buttercups! Here comes a really fun tutorial, I will show you how to add bokeh to your photos, it gives them a lovely dreamy feel.

Bokeh is Japanes and basically means "blurry". It's normally just the area in a photo that is out of focus, but sometimes very skilled photographers can create bokeh shapes with light, and it's those shapes we are going to add as a layer to our photo.

So you'll need a photo with nice bokeh shapes like this one, and preferably a dark, neutral background. Look online for free bokeh photos.
The original photo of me and James looks like this. As you can see, there is already some nice bokeh in the background, but that's not neccesary for this tutorial to work.

Firstly, open your image and the bokeh image in Photoshop.

Now drag the bokeh image over to your photo to create a new layer. You can copy and paste, but I find that the quickest and easiest way is just to open the images in two separate windows, click on the bokeh, hold, and drag it over. Release, and it should be on top of your photo as a layer.

Click on the bokeh layer, then go to where it says "Normal". Change this to "Screen".

Now you can see what a lovely effect the bokeh layer has created! You can play around with the opacity of the layer, sometimes I put it down to 70 or 80%, it depends how subtle or strong you want the effect to come out.

When you are happy with the opacity you can rotate and position the bokeh layer as you please. You can also erase some parts, or duplicate the layer for more bokeh!

So here is the end result, magical!

Here are some more examples; a very subtle bokeh effect...

And full on party bokeh! Before and after below.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

24 Nov 2011

The 24th

Today it's exactly one month until Christmas! For us Swedes anyway, because we celebrate on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day.
I bought my very first Christmas tree today, isn't it cute? James and I always go to Sweden for Christmas so I have never really decorated our flat before, but this year I decided to spread some cheer here in England too, excited about making our home cosy!

Are you excited about Christmas yet?

22 Nov 2011

Bath Mini Break - Day 2

Day two of our stay in Bath started off perfectly with a yummy hotel breakfast. Then we had spa treatments at the hotel spa; one massage and one facial each, it was so nice! Then we went swimming for a little bit and after that we had lunch.
After lunch we decided to walk into Bath city centre, it was such a beautiful day, the nature and scenery in Bath is amazing!

The walk into town was a lot longer than we thought, so we jumped on a bus for the last bit, and then finally arrived to Bath's cute little centre, it was really lovely.
We also loved the architecture of the town.

We had a look at the Roman Baths but we didn't go in, we went for a coffee instead. I managed to spill half of it on myself though, when I was trying to scare away a cocky pigeon.
Luckily for us, that evening there was a town concert to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights in Bath. There were different artists performing, and some carol singing that we joined in on, it was all lovely, and it felt very "christmassy".

John Cleese switched on the lights! He was very funny and had a very young, skinny girlfriend!

The next morning James woke me up early to look at the sunset, it was so beautiful! After going back to bed for some more snoozing, we headed back home to London, very content with our mini break in Bath!

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