9 Nov 2011

Bad Ass Lisa!

Greetings friends and warriors,
Here's a side of me you haven't seen before! You wouldn't wanna meet me in a dark alley, right? Don't worry, it'll all be explained...
On Monday James and I went to the launch of a new video game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The event was much bigger than a movie premiere, it was held at a really cool exhibition venue near London Bridge.
The colour scheme of the party was green and white, I managed to blend in perfectly with my white top and a 'moscow mule' in my hand!
There were lots of fun activities, here James is getting dressed up for his photo shoot, we were made to look like the soldier on the cover of the video game!
It was so fun to dress up and pose!
But the best thing about the party was that Example performed, it was wicked!
For those of you who don't know Example, he's an English singer and rapper. My favourite song by Example is "Kickstarts", it was brilliant live. Check it out below!


Sailor July said...

Ahhhh, this is EPIC!!! I am a HUGE gamer geek and despite mine and my wife's total girly-girl side, we love to kick some butt in real life airsoft. Meaning dressing like that, with real armor, gear, etc!!!

You look totally BAD ASS. LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like tons of fun! :D

Unknown said...

random comments but i looove that venue and i looove your eyelashes in the photo with the white shirt - so pretty!

Shutterbug said...

ooh... that sounds like fun!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

oh my gaaaa, going from delicate gardens and girly goodness to this bad ass scene is awesome! i was all agog over your bicycle dress a moment ago (well, honestly i still am, it is too cute!) but now this irresistible tough side has me happily stunned. the boyf would freak to go to something like that!!!!!! wish we had it going on here. ♥

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