20 Nov 2011

Bath Mini Break - Day 1

Hey everyone, I've just come back from a mini break with James! We had so much fun, we went to a city called Bath in south west England. Bath used to be a spa town for the Romans!
We stayed in a lovely hotel just outside of the city centre.

Our room was great and overlooked the beautiful hotel garden...
which looked just like a scene from a British detective mystery movie I thought!

When we arrived there was champagne and chocolates waiting for us, how luxurious!

In the afternoon we had cream tea, followed by dinner... Is it just us or do you mostly eat when you're on holiday? :) Stay tuned for day two!


Jocee said...

i've heard of bath! that was the setting for one of jane austen's novels, i believe! beautiful photos. looks like you two had quite the time :))
-jocee <3

Michele said...

Everything looks so wonderful!

Unknown said...

I love Bath. I used to go to university in Bristol and I frequently went on little day trips to Bath, it's so picturesque. I love the views from your Hotel, the grouds are wonderful!


Shutterbug said...

it's like -25degrees C here!! I need a vacation! It looks like you two had a lot of fun! So jealous right about now!

Chrissy said...

Wonderful photos, looks lovely there! What a beautiful place! xxx

cb said...

you look so great in your top and that hotel looks gorgeous! like right out of a movie! looks like a romantic time!

Sailor July said...

Oh. my. god. SO LUSH!!! I am in love with that gorgeous garden. Also, where in the world did you get that dress?! It's phenomenal!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

oh my gosh Lisa, the amount of traveling and fun times you two share is so awesome! loved these photos from your mini break, everything looks just perfect to me.

i've had several hectic weeks and became really sidetracked but i did receive the lovely vase. thank you so much, to your wonderful Mom also for choosing such a treasured piece!!! i'm dying to post about it soon, thanks again! xoox ♥

Eleni said...

Yay, Bath! Which hotel is this? Can't wait to see what else you got up to :)

Unknown said...

oh my lord, this looks AMAZING!!!! I want to go to Bath so badly!!


Anonymous said...

This looks SO beautiful! That afternoon tea spread just made me all hungry for sweet treats. If only the North East of England was so pretty... =)

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa!

This looks so pretty, hope you had a good time. You should go to Harrogate some time - it's kind of like the 'Bath' of Northern England and it's so pretty. It's also my hometown so I'm a little biased, but it really is lovely and very easy to get to from London (direct trains to Leeds/York).

Have a great week! xxx

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

@Angie: Thanks! :) This dress is another one from a market in London called Spitalfields, it's my best bargain ever!

@Eleni: The hotel we stayed at is called Barcelo Combe Grove Manor, it's near the University of Bath.

xo Lisa

Vicky said...

åh, fina bilder!

Heidi said...

I just stumbled on your blog, and I love it. I also adore your dress in this post. So cute.


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