26 Aug 2010

I Have the Best Breakfast...

when I'm back home. 'Fil' (it's kind of like youghurt but not really) with crunchy apple/cinnamon cereal, home-baked bread (made by my dad), tea and juice. Alright the tea and juice you can find everywhere but I really miss nice brown bread and fil when I'm in London.

25 Aug 2010

In Sweden...

I'm at my parents' house in Sweden! It's always so nice and relaxing to be here.
Today I had my hair cut, not a huge change but quite nice! The hairdresser was a bit odd though, first she had a go at me for having dry hair and damaged ends (isn't that her job to sort that out?) and then afterwards she sang her own praises so much it was almost awkward. She said that I should be sooo happy because the fringe looked absolutely faaabulous and the lenght was great, and she even made it sound like she was to thank for the highlights when I didn't even have any done today. Oh well, I had a nice day. Looking forward to a cosy dinner with Sofia tomorrow!

I got this charm bracelet for my birthday, always wanted one!

For dinner my mom made this crispy japanese salad with wasabi-mayo dressing. With it we had chicken, yum!

My new haircut.

23 Aug 2010

Rain and Ropes

It's really pissing down with rain here right now... so boring. But tomorrow I'm going to Sweden, really looking forward to see my friends! Haven't been home yet this summer, I guess summer is almost over now though... didn't August used to be warmer than June when we were little? Now it's like scorching in the end of May/June and by August it seems like it's all over...

Anyway, today I'm thinking about the next pattern I'm gonna design. I am inspired by ropes and chains, like those old classic designer scarfs women wear on the French Riviera(not sure what brand they are but have a clear memory in my head what they look like). Hopefully I can make a funky updated version!

All images from weheartit.com

Healthy Fajitas

Here's a healthy and very delicious dinner tip! Last night we had chicken fajitas, but instead of putting all the good stuff in tortilla bread or taco shells James used romain lettuce. It was sooo good! So basically what you do is prepare everything that you normally have in your fajitas or tacos and place on the lettuce leaves, we had chicken and onion fried in fajitas-mix, grated cheese, jalapeno peppers, salsa and creme fraiche. I think it would be really yummie with minced meat, vegetables and feta cheese as well. Mmm!

22 Aug 2010

New Illustration

Hey hey, happy Sunday everyone!

I have been working on this portrait that I drew entirely in Photoshop, using my wacom pen tablet. It's really fun and easy to use, I have used it a lot for creating vector images in Illustrator before, so I wanted to try it in Photoshop.

The portrait is of a girl called Silje, she's got a cool blog called "Little Bird Crafts".

The pen tablet looks like this.

21 Aug 2010

Surprise Party!

Last night James tricked me!
We had planned to go out for dinner at The Flask, it's a really nice pub in Highgate. James was taking longer than usual to get ready, he showered for ages, little did I know it was for a reason...
I was wearing this dress from Mexx.

We arrived at The Flask, unknowingly I went inside...
where I found a surprise party for me that James had organized!
Carl was there...
from him and Vicky I got Hotel Chocolat goodies, some lovely engraved glasses and a brilliant card!
Here's the card to the right, it's hamsters and cats dressed up as Abba. Jess made me the card on the left, it was also very brilliant.
Lovely James and Meera came along as well, yay!
And Jamie! From Jamie I got a great card (below) and a dvd box set with "Unattractive Beatrice" (as he calls it) which I don't watch, but he was honest and admitted that it was a freebie from work :) Hello exchange-shop!
Josefine was there, and she gave me...
these earrings, I love them!
Me with the pretty ladies Meera and Josie.

I was actually really touched that James had organized this for me, I've never had a surprise birthday party before! It was so much fun, thanks everyone who came along and of course thank you so much James.

What I Did When I Came Home From the Party...

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18 Aug 2010

My Birthday in Pictures!

Yesterday was my birthday, whoop whoop, hurray for me! :)
I had a wonderful day thanks to James of course, but I was also really happy about all the sweet texts, emails, phone calls and facebook messages from my friends and family, they really made my day! Thanks everyone, love you!

Here's my day in pictures:
In the morning James played me the "Lisa, it's your birthday"-song from the Simpsons. He does that every year, I love it! I also got lots of pressies! Here's me opening a voucher for a Mexican spa treatment, really excited about that!
The best present was a new lens for my dslr camera, yay! PS. it's 7 am in this photo, hence the scruffy look! :)
After a shower and some make-up, tadaa!
Then it was time to try my new lens! It's a Sony DT50mm F1.8, portrait lens.
I was blown away by the lens! It's stupid good! It can literally make a toilet roll look great. Just look at this photo of the box it came in, doesn't it look amazing?!
Then I went in to town to do some shopping...
but first I treated myself to a birthday-crepe with vanilla ice cream, pear, chocolate sauce and almonds, mmm!
Then I had a massage at the Hilton Hotel Spa, including a glass of champagne afterwards, fancy!
This is what I bought; black top with shoulder bling from Zara, black shorts from Zara also, and two stripey tops from Primark (£2,50 each!). The top will be perfect for my friend Meera's 80's themed birthday party in September. PS, have you noticed how weird the sizes at Zara are? Those shorts I had to buy in large (wanted them to be a bit loose), but the top is small... doesn't even make sense!
Back home James greeted me with flowers, so sweet!
And then we had the best sushi dinner ever! We drank Sancerre wine, it's our favourite white wine.
James serving the wine.
I love sushi!
Salmon sashimi...
and vegetable goyza are my favourite, so James ordered extra because it was my birthday!
Edamame beans, notice how great the photos look! Maybe I should become a food photographer?

The best boyfriend in the world!
And moi! That was my birthday, a great day!

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