18 Aug 2010

My Birthday in Pictures!

Yesterday was my birthday, whoop whoop, hurray for me! :)
I had a wonderful day thanks to James of course, but I was also really happy about all the sweet texts, emails, phone calls and facebook messages from my friends and family, they really made my day! Thanks everyone, love you!

Here's my day in pictures:
In the morning James played me the "Lisa, it's your birthday"-song from the Simpsons. He does that every year, I love it! I also got lots of pressies! Here's me opening a voucher for a Mexican spa treatment, really excited about that!
The best present was a new lens for my dslr camera, yay! PS. it's 7 am in this photo, hence the scruffy look! :)
After a shower and some make-up, tadaa!
Then it was time to try my new lens! It's a Sony DT50mm F1.8, portrait lens.
I was blown away by the lens! It's stupid good! It can literally make a toilet roll look great. Just look at this photo of the box it came in, doesn't it look amazing?!
Then I went in to town to do some shopping...
but first I treated myself to a birthday-crepe with vanilla ice cream, pear, chocolate sauce and almonds, mmm!
Then I had a massage at the Hilton Hotel Spa, including a glass of champagne afterwards, fancy!
This is what I bought; black top with shoulder bling from Zara, black shorts from Zara also, and two stripey tops from Primark (£2,50 each!). The top will be perfect for my friend Meera's 80's themed birthday party in September. PS, have you noticed how weird the sizes at Zara are? Those shorts I had to buy in large (wanted them to be a bit loose), but the top is small... doesn't even make sense!
Back home James greeted me with flowers, so sweet!
And then we had the best sushi dinner ever! We drank Sancerre wine, it's our favourite white wine.
James serving the wine.
I love sushi!
Salmon sashimi...
and vegetable goyza are my favourite, so James ordered extra because it was my birthday!
Edamame beans, notice how great the photos look! Maybe I should become a food photographer?

The best boyfriend in the world!
And moi! That was my birthday, a great day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! ♥

I really enjoying reading about your day and seeing your gorgeous photos, well done!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the post! :) xx

Marieta said...

Lisa, I've enjoyed a lot your post and the nice pictures. It seems that you have really had a great birthday ;-)

I wish you many more Birthdays like this, darling!

Lots of love,


Malin said...

Ser ut som du har haft en väldigt fin födelsedag. och jag gillar din blogg mycket! designen och känslan

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