10 Aug 2010


Tonight I went to a restaurant/club called Sketch to check out an animated installation made by a company called Silent Studios. I'm probably gonna work with them in September so it was great to meet the creative director Nathan and to see some of their work. The animations were projected all over the walls in the restaurant, very cool! (the pictures don't really do them justice).

A funny thing about Sketch are the toilets! They are possible the weirdest toilets ever. Or the coolest, that depends on how you see it!

The stairs leading up to the toilets... they are actually in the 'eggs!'
James is lost in the egg-forest!
To make it even more surreal they play bird twitter in the cocoons while you pee, and an old-fashioned maid looks after them.
There's also an egg-bar!


Jacques v O said...

Looks like you guys had a bit of fun, what strange toilets! Must make the "experience" quite surreal!

Daniel said...

hehe äggbar och bajsa i äggtoa... det kallar jag coooool stuff!!

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