30 Oct 2013

Scarf Design no 2 - Peacock

Here is my second scarf design, the proud Peacock! I can't wait to see how it comes out, I think it will be perfect for the square scarves!

27 Oct 2013

White Steps

Last week I bought this sweet step stool on ebay...

I'm going to use it as a prop at Formex, a Swedish trade show I will be exhibiting at in January, here on display are my Magnolia cushion, tray and cheese/cutting board.

I can't wait for Formex, I'm going to share a stand with my designer friend Emma Sjödin, she is really talented and helpful with tips and advice. She has been running her own business much longer than me so she's almost like my mentor!

22 Oct 2013

Scarf Design no 1 - Alice in Wonderland

As I mentioned in my last post I have been wanting to produce silk scarves for a long time, now I'm finally on my way! 

This will be the first design, a version of my 'Alice in Wonderland' print with a black background, it will be made into 65x65 cm and 90x90 cm scarves. What do you think?

17 Oct 2013

Design Inspiration and Collaborations

Last and this week have been busy and awesome! Yesterday I put on my red coat, packed my bag full of phone cases and notebooks and delivered them to my first retailer in Sweden! Such a great feeling!
But let's back up a little bit...

It started with a very nice and inspirational meeting with Kristina, she's the artist behind scarf and illustration brand Emma Kisstina. I found her randomly on instagram and saw that she makes amazing silk scarves, this is something I would like to do as well (I made these scarves as a test before and loved them) so I emailed her and the we met up for a coffee in Stockholm.

It was so fun to meet somebody that is in the same field and even has a similar illustration style! We exchanged tips and experiences and had a lot to talk about.

Then after our meeting we went to a couple of design/vintage shops in an area called Midsommarkransen, we decided to check out this one called Vintagefabriken, I had been to a lecture held by one of the owners the day before, a talanted vintage blogger called Emma Sundh.

So I started talking to Emma to compliment her on the lecture, she was really lovely and one thing led to another and all of a sudden she was browsing my website and placed an order for phone cases and notebooks to sell in their cute shop, hooray!

Emma and her colleague Louise were also really interested in silk scarves so Kristina and I are going to try and order some soon!

Yesterday I created this package design for the cases and had a little help from my mum to assemble the whole range, don't they look cute? :)

So now you can purchase my products in Vintagefabriken, the first physical shop in Sweden to stock Lisa Edoff Design!

8 Oct 2013

Chevron, Blowfish and Harlequin Cases

Here are three new mobile phone case designs I've been working on lately, I'm excited to see how they will be received. I had young guys in mind when I designed them, but I think they will appeal to women as well, I'm thinking of getting the Chevron one for my own phone :)



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