14 Oct 2014

Sailor Bird Print

Lisa Edoff Design
I have been thinking about making some prints with my designs for a while, last week I finally took some time to create this Sailor Bird poster. I got the test print yesterday and it looks fab! 

This print will be available to purchase through a special campaign I'm launching soon... exciting times!

20 Sep 2014

Black & White Alice

The other day I was playing around with my pattern design 'Wonderland' which is of course inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I decided to try a black and white version, looks pretty cool I think!

26 Aug 2014

Silk Scarf Vintage Photo Shoot

Yesterday was a fun and exciting day! I photographed this gorgeous gal Emma wearing my silk scarves, she looked amazing in them!

We styled some of the photos with a vintage feel, and went down to a small harbour close to where I live to shoot.

I also took some more simplistic photos for my website, here's Emma wearing the Sailor Bird scarf, it will available on lisaedoff.se soon!

The Wonderland scarf that was nominated for Formex Formidable.

Blue Magnolia scarf.

Black Magnolia scarf.

Photos by me, hair and makeup by Emma Håkansson.

24 Aug 2014

I'm nominated to Formex Formidable 2014!

Last week I exhibited at Formex, the largest design trade show in Sweden, and I'm so happy to report that it was a success!

This is what my stand looked like, I exhibited in an area called "Next Step", it's for young designers that have exhibited before but are still relatively new in the game.

The first day I got an amazing surprise when I arrived at the show, my "Wonderland" silk scarf (below) had been nominated to Formex Formidable 2014!

Formex Formidable is a design competition, a jury selects 20 products from over 600 exhibitors, and my scarf was one of them!

The scarf was displayed in the entrance hall of the trade show, yay!
There are two categories for the Formidable award, one is the jury's pick, and the other one is the people's choice. If you'd like to vote for me and my scarf, click here and choose no 7, then fill in your details at the bottom of the page (if you don't have a company you can just make something up).

Here are some of my other products; the magnolia cushions and the pink circus cheese board are available on my website now. The other trays (I love the colour range) and the "Graphic Candy" cushions in the middle are brand new, they will hopefully be available later this year.

This elegant lady is Marie-Claire, my mum found her for me at a flea market in France!

My Graphic Candy cushions were selected to feature in a trend exhibition showing this autumn's major trend "Soft Nordic".

My magnolia tray with some home-made macaroons.

Photo borrowed from Nordic Design Collective's blog.

24 Jul 2014

Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine ♫

Some snaps from my wonderful summer so far, in France and Stockholm. It's the memory of days like these that gets me through winter with a smile.

12 Jun 2014

Pattern Portfolio

Hello and happy Thursday!
I thought I'd share two pages from my new pattern design portfolio, showing my designs on various products. The top left photo showing my Magnolia board is taken by Messy La, next to that is a projection of a new pattern I've been working on.

Clockwise from top left: my Peacock notebook, a scarf that is part of a collection I will be launching this autumn, Green Bow iPad case by Keka Cases and the Pink Circus board, photo courtesy of Elsa Billgren.

22 May 2014

Stylish Coffee

Today it is hot in Stockholm! I'm enjoying coffee breaks on my sunny balcony, and the occasional ice cream of course!
Speaking of coffee, how beautiful is this photo of my magnolia tray? It's taken by Sofia Byström for Vintagefabriken, a lovely shop in an area of Stockholm called Midsommarkransen ("Midsummer's Wreath") that sells my products. 

15 May 2014

New Pattern Design: "Scandica"

This week I have been working on some new graphic pattern designs, it's gonna be a collection of African-inspired patterns with a Nordic twist. This is the first design imagined on a skirt, I like it!

Here are a few screen shots of the process as I was working on the design, when I do graphic patterns I try to come up with shapes and colours that look fresh and at the same time a little retro together. As you can see there are a lot of trial and error going on before I "find" the pattern.

These colours remind me of the "Liquorice Allsorts" candy!

Tried different colours but still wasn't quite happy so I went back to the original shapes...

After re-working these and trying yet another colour way I ended up with the design at the top of this post! Image from asos.com
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