26 Apr 2012

My First Press Coverage!

Hi friends!
I have got my first press for Lisa Edoff Design, yay! I was interviewed by a website called Inspiring Young People, check out the article here. It's a great site for young entrepreneurs and I feel very flattered to be featured on it! Thanks Naweed of IYP!

25 Apr 2012

Spring Where Art Though?

This is the second week of miserable weather here in London, it's just raining and raining. Sometimes we get a bit of thunderstorm and lightning with the odd shower of hail... Brrr! If you have never lived in England you might think it's always like this, but it's not, last year we had a wonderful spring. Anyway, enough whinging, here's to hoping for a glorious summer! In the meantime let's cheer ourselves up with this wonderful photo collage by Elsa. Next month James and I are going to Stockholm to organise a lot of fun wedding stuff, I hope it will look like this!

22 Apr 2012

Run Girl Run! *

Today was the London Marathon. I really admire anyone who can finish a 42k run.

Myself I'm training for a 10k charity run in July, I have never done anything like that before! Before signing up my exercise regime was very sporadic, and a few years back I would have just laughed if anyone asked me to run 10k!

But!... Since starting running regularly I must admit I have caught the running bug! In the beginning it was so hard, I could barely run 3km without falling over... But every time I went out there it became a little easier, and now I kind of love it! Sometimes I even get a kick and feel like I'm flying over the tracks (not every time though). From stomping out 3km like an elephant I can now run 6km and feel really good afterwards. I want to become a healthy person who is strong and in good shape, I only compete with myself and really enjoy making progress.
I still have quite a way to go until I can manage 10km, but hopefully by July I'll be ready!

A little while ago some of you mentioned in the comments that you were also training for a run, please let me know how it's going!

Meanwhile, here are some inspirational pics, they are from Nike Running and Runner's World.

I might just have to get this cute water bottle from Lulu, that's so me!
* That is the name of my new awesome iPod playlist!

19 Apr 2012

Press day at The W

Yesterday I went to Push PR's press day at the swanky W Hotel in Soho.

Inside I checked out their newest client Nelly.com, a really good online fashion store that originates from Sweden! Nelly is a firm favourite of Swedish fashionistas, so I was excited to see that it has now launched in the Uk.
The new collection looked gorgeous!
They also showed some lovely jewellery, I like these cool bracelets from Eastern Mystic...

And these fabulous sea-inspired pieces from Abilu Creations.
On my way out I was greeted by this mob, they didn't seem to care much about me though... strange! I think they were waiting for Nicki Minaj, apparently she was staying at the hotel yesterday.
Before I went home I stopped by London Graphic Centre, it's the best art and graphics supply shop, I could browse it for hours! But this time I just got some new drawing pens, because next week I'm gonna start drawing a new pattern!

15 Apr 2012

Celebrate Good Times Come On!

Last week I had to celebrate my grant in style! First some pink bubbly with James...
Then my lovely friends Lauren and Josefine took me out for some celebratory ice cream.
Josefine had found this really cool ice cream parlour in Camden where they use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream! It's called Chin-Chin Labs.
The ice cream "scientist" gets the liquid nitrogen from the tanks...
then they mix it with the ice cream base and flavours in a machine.
We all went for their speciality apple pie with caramel sauce and hazelnuts, it was amazing!

Later on we had some tapas at a Cuban restaurant, before strolling around Camden Lock Market, it was a perfect celebration day!

13 Apr 2012

I Won the Business Startup Grant!!

HOORAY!!!! My wonderful news are that I won the business funding grant I applied for! I am over the moon happy and excited! The grant makes it possible for me to start up my business Lisa Edoff Design and launch my product range!

Here is a sketch of the products I want to make with my pattern designs, some of the grant money will go to the development of prototypes.
I have already had some trays made for me, these are manufactured in Sweden and are made of birch, they are really nice quality. I love them but I am going to tweak the design a little. Which one is your favourite?

The grant is called The SEED Fund, it comes from an organisation called SEE. You can apply to it if you have a creative project you want to develop if you are a student or graduate from University of the Arts London. Thank you SEE for this amazing opportunity, I am super excited to start my business adventure!

12 Apr 2012

I Have Amazing News...

That I am dying to tell you! It's something really great, I will tell you all about it tomorrow. Sorry to be a tease but I have to wait until it's official :)
Until then, I wish you all a lovely Thursday!

9 Apr 2012

Magnolia Progress

My Magnolia pattern design is coming together nicely, this is what it looks like at the moment, just trying out some different colour options... I am working on it sitting in my new bad ass office chair! Over the weekend James and I went to Staples, and I invested in a really good chair. My old one was a sales item from Ikea and it made me sit in the weirdest positions, it's amazing what a difference a good chair can do for your posture!

6 Apr 2012

Be Good This Friday...

Or the Easter Bunny might get you :) Happy Easter from A Piece of Lisa!

Photos by Mark Davis, Benoit Paille and Yeliah Gnilwod

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