30 Jun 2010

Wonderful Midsummer Weekend With Sofia!

I had the best long weekend ever! My dear dear friend Sofia came and visited me last Thursday and stayed over the weekend. We had so much fun, we went shopping for nine(!) hours on Friday, I bought lots of cute summer clothes. Then on Saturday we celebrated Swedish Midsommar in Hyde Park with lots of other Swedes, I think it was at least 500 people! We made flower "crowns" which is tradition in Sweden on Midsummer's Eve, and we had a lovely picnic.

Then in the evening we glammed ourselves up and went to a nightclub where we partied on the VIP balcony with around 20 Norwegians, fun!

On Sunday we cured our hang-overs with Pimms in the sun, lovely! Thanks Mamasota for the best weekend ever! Love you!

On Midsummer morning we went to pick the flowers for our crowns...
And we managed to create this! I was well pleased with our cute midsummer crowns! Btw, this dress is from Oasis, really pleased with that purchase!

Svenska pinglor!

On the tube, people probably thought we were hippies or something...
Hyde Park. There was a nice but very tiny "Midsommarstång."

The nose-mugs again! :)
I made savoury muffins with chevre and sun-dried tomatoes in special Swedish muffin forms!
Such a lovely photo of Sofia and James!

Sofia with a new nose + moustache!

All glammed up for the evening!
In Angel the next day, sipping Pimms at The York.
So refreshing!

13 Jun 2010

Nude Animation

Here are some preview images from my animation I am working on for Nude (the design company where I am currently doing a placement).

These images are from the intro sequence. I have to finish it next week, I'm supposed to show it to everyone who works there on Friday. I am nervous that it's not gonna turn out as well as I am imagining it to be in my head, but fingers crossed it will!

12 Jun 2010

Movie Premier!

On Wednesday James and I went to a film premier in Leicester Square, we walked the red carpet and everything! Although it was actually a pink carpet. We saw the new film "Killers" with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Kutcher wasn't there which was a shame since he's ridiculously good looking in the movie! But Katherine was there, she looked great except for her big 80's hairdo. Her dress was lovely though, it was designed by Victoria Beckham.

Unfortunately the film was absolutely crap, but it was a fun evening! Thanks Jamie for giving us the tickets!

The Odeon Cinema.
Jamie and James outside.
Katherine Heigl and the director of the movie.

8 Jun 2010

Signe Sign

I went to Sweden over the weekend to go to my cousin Anna's baby girl's name party. It was kind of like a christening but not in the church. It was absolutely lovely, and so nice to see my extended family. Anna and her boyfriend asked me to draw a name sign for their daughter. Her name is Signe Henny Kristina, here is the drawing + some close-ups.

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