23 Aug 2010

Rain and Ropes

It's really pissing down with rain here right now... so boring. But tomorrow I'm going to Sweden, really looking forward to see my friends! Haven't been home yet this summer, I guess summer is almost over now though... didn't August used to be warmer than June when we were little? Now it's like scorching in the end of May/June and by August it seems like it's all over...

Anyway, today I'm thinking about the next pattern I'm gonna design. I am inspired by ropes and chains, like those old classic designer scarfs women wear on the French Riviera(not sure what brand they are but have a clear memory in my head what they look like). Hopefully I can make a funky updated version!

All images from weheartit.com


Laura Hirt said...

Check out Hermes' scarfs! It's a very famous French brands for scarfs!

Lisa said...

Cool, thanks Laura!

moryn said...

Lisa lisa lisa, det är dags för dig att rita upp min alina tatuering!

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