27 Jul 2012

Brother Time

Last weekend my brother Peter came to visit, and he brought some good weather with him, hooray!
It felt like summer had finally arrived to London, we went shopping on Regent Street with all of the flags for the Olympics...
which starts tonight! I am excited to watch the opening ceremony on tv, will you be tuning in? Also, my brother in law has offered me and James to come and see the Olympic boxing next weekend, how cool is that?

Peter's friend Jake really wanted to go to the National History Museum, so we did. It was cool, the dinosaur section was my favourite!
The models of the world's largest animals were also quite impressive!
After the museum we walked to Kensington Gardens and had afternoon tea at The Orangery.
The scones with clotted cream are my favourite!

We also had a fun night out with James and some other of Peter's friends, and we got treated to a delicious home-made pasta dinner, cooked by Jake and Peter. All in all a great weekend!


Chrissy said...

How fun! That museum looks wonderful, we love going to museums, did a lot of that in Chicago! Have a fabulous weekend! xxx

cb said...

what fun! i love that you all went to tea after, i am so jealous! i love tea and especially scones! natural history museums are one of my favorites, the taxidermy part is always my favorite!

Diana Marks said...

wonderful photos!

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Happy Homemaker UK said...

It has been so exciting to be living here during the Olympics. I love your photo of all the flags! We'll be seeing beach volleyball and athletics. So fun to 'meet' another expat in the blogworld, XOLaura

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