1 Aug 2012

We're Getting Married in a Month!

In one month today I will be walking down the aisle and getting married to my James! We are so excited and I'm very nervous! But the wedding planning is going really well, I've got my dress, we have decided on food, flowers, music and we have got our rings. James went and got his suit fitted the other day and the bridesmaids and groomsmen have their outfits sorted. So the most important stuff is done, but there are still lots more little things to organise! I never imagined how much work goes into planning a wedding, but at the same time it has been lots of fun, and now we are so ready to get married, the countdown starts now!


Unknown said...

yay! enjoy that last month!!

Unknown said...

love this! so freakin' cute.

love, rach.

cb said...

congrats, that is so awesome! yea, it is crazy how much there is to do when planning a wedding but i thought it was fun also!!

Unknown said...

woo hoo!! can't wait to see pictures of the wedding (way way after you honeymoon, that is)

Chrissy said...

AH, exciting!!!

Lavonne Seaton said...

I hope the wedding went well. Having everything ready one month before the wedding is an awesome feat! Did you hire a wedding planner to help you prepare for the big day? My wedding was a simple one, and I planned it on my own with the help of a wedding website. It has planning tools that allowed me to plan and organize my wedding events in one location and segment it with details so I can keep track of deadlines.

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