15 Aug 2012

Busy Wedding Bee!

With only 2,5 weeks to go we are organising, fixing and planning with an intensity like never before!

Yesterday we sat down and drew up the table seating plan, it was very tricky to begin with but in the end we managed to place our guests in a way that we think will be awesome and fun for everybody. Now I'm going to print it out on a big sheet of paper, using my little birdies for the layout design of course!

And tonight we are taking a dance class to learn the basics of ballroom dancing for our first dance, should be interesting! :)


Anita said...

Hope you are able to take the time to enjoy every minute of it!

Unknown said...

of course you will design such an amazing seating chart - i wouldn't expect anything else!

gosh, i remember creating a wedding seating plan with my husband. it was sooo hard but also kind of a fun challenge. our seating was different in that we had banquet tables in the upstairs portion but restaurant style four tops and six tops in the bottom section - tricky!

Jenna said...

Wow, it seems like everything is coming together so well! Enjoy the ballroom dancing classes, sounds like so much fun :)


Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

oh the countdown's on now!!!! so exciting Lisa :) most beautiful seating chart ever created is what! wonderful job and the dance lessons....well you are a marvel momma! xo ♥

kat | dot dot dash said...

sounds exciting! hope all the organizing and planning is going well!
love the idea of taking ballroom lessons x

Carla {What Carla Did} said...

Everything sounds so exciting! :) Wishing you both all the best on the big day, and your life after that!

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