20 Aug 2012

Lovely Birthday Weekend in Brighton

Last Friday was my birthday!
I had the best weekend, James woke me with pressies on Friday and on Saturday we went for a day trip to Brighton, it's a cool town an hour from London, down by the coast.

We had amazing luck with the weather, it was a perfect day for the beach and I was craving it so much after a rather rainy summer.
We had fish and chips...
And enjoyed the rays.
I even went for a dip in the ice cold water! It was nice though, but quite hard to walk barefoot on the pebble beach!
In the afternoon James took me to a really cool café/tea room called Metrodeco.
The interior decoration and furniture was really cool.

We had all of these goodies, and some pink prosecco!

After that we went to Brighton Flea Market and had a mooch, I found some cute little pieces I'm gonna use as props when I photograph my new trays after we come back from our honeymoon.

A perfect birthday, thank you James! ♡


Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
What a fun weekend! You look so happy together - so sweet!
Hugs xxx

Sofia Bee said...

Det ser ut som att ni haft det hur bra som helst! Härligt att vädret passade så bra in i dagen :)

Grattis igen i efterskott :)

James blog said...

I had a great weekend too!!! It was an absolute pleasure taking you to Brighton, you deserved it!


James xxxxx

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thank you Chrissy and Sofia! :)

Jenna said...

Happy Happy Birthday pretty lady! Looks like James treated you well and you guys had a perfect celebration :) Hope all is going well with the final wedding preparations... it's coming so soon! Eeps!


cb said...

Happy birthday lisa! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! The beach looks awesome and so does all that yummy food!

Chloee said...


Katherines Corner said...

Happy belated birthday.I hope you get your birthday wish. xo

johanna said...

härligt det ser ut :)

Carla {What Carla Did} said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! :D Those treats look delicious!
Happy belated birthday, Lisa! Much love from Barbados!

ElizabethMJaocb said...

Happy Birthday (belated)!

Ajvn said...

ooh u must have soo much fun!! :) i love brighton its amazing

Mikael said...


Förlåt om jag stör, men tänkte bara fråga om jag kan få lite hjälp från dig skulle verkligen behöva det. Skulle du ha något intresse att hjälpa till i modeforum för modekunniga och modeintresserade personer? Moderator / VIP roller finns för seriösa och engagerade personer. Även ett inlägg hjälper mycket för att få modeforumet mer levande. Om du kanske bara gillar att läsa inlägg men inte vill bli medlem så kan du visa ditt stöd genom att klicka på Facebook like knappen. Tack för att du tar dig tid att kolla på detta / En stor Kram

Unknown said...

I love Brighton Flea Market and Metrodeco has been on my list of places to visit for a while now. We were the other side of the pier to you on that day and I agree the weather was wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday in Brighton! xo

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