7 Feb 2010

Babies, Jesus and a Winter Wonderland

No that's not Oasis' new album but how I spent last weekend!

I went to Sweden to attend the christening of my beautiful Goddaughter Maya. I had to read three prayers in front of the whole church, in a microphone! But it went really well, and I really enjoyed being part of the ceremony. Although my arms hurt for two days afterwards since my lovely Goddaughter weighs 8 kilos! Bless!

As a christening gift I gave her this adorable teaset with little dogs on it!

I wore this dress, but had to add black tights and a cardigan since it looked like this outside...

Then it was vino with the gang at Sofia's flat. I tried this new hairdo, sadly after running for the bus it was no more...

Now these photos aren't actually from that night, but since I forgot
to take pictures I'll show you another night at Sofia's just like it!

And that was my weekend! Lovely!


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