12 Mar 2010

Pattern Sneak Preview

Happy Friday everyone!
I've been working on my pattern, here is a sketch of the main image that will be repeated in the pattern. I have lots more to draw though, the girl is gonna hold a giant clock in her hand and there will also be poppy flowers and leaves behind her. I'm really excited about this so I hope it will look good repeated as well!

By the way, when I draw images of people that are supposed to look realistic I always have a photo to look at to make sure the body has the right angles etc. When I can't find an image of someone with the right pose (like this girl here) I have to pose for the picture myself. These photos will do the trick but they always look horrendous! Usually it's just me without any make-up, in scruffy clothes and it just looks so silly. With this particular image it was even worse sine I had to put on a big russian-style hat as well! My old flatmates used to laugh so much whenever they caught a glimpse of one. Maybe one day I'll make an album of all of these posing pictures... or maybe not... most definitely not!


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