27 May 2012

Sweden Won Eurovision Song Contest 2012!

Wohooo Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest last night! The beautiful Loreen absolutely crushed the competition with her awesome song "Euphoria"! I love Eurovision, it's so much fun, there's always a good mix of good, bad, weird and totally nuts contestants!
But this year our song was really good, and Loreen is a great singer. Eurovision is huge in Sweden, it's a massive production every year.
Being in another country makes you even more patriotic, this is what I looked like when we won!


Chloee said...

It was the best song but her dancing was very strange

cb said...

i want to hear it but couldn't find anything! she is beautiful! i love the last picture of you, you are soo excited :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Congrats!! Here it is "cb":

Steph said...

Your happy face is so great! It's impossible not to smile seeing that.

Anonymous said...

I thought Sweden were by far the best act this year, although I also really loved the Russian ladies too!!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

yes me too, they were so cute! :) And their song actually got stuck in my head for a while!

x L

Eleni said...

I love Eurovision! My dad's from Cyprus so I always have two countries to root for (plus of course I cheer for Greece and boo for Turkey!). I thought it was a shame that Englebert did a wobbly performance because I liked the song, but Sweden totally kicked the competition out of the water, she was amazing! You should go to the actual show next year in Sweden!

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