17 Jan 2013

Two Zero One Three

I like the feeling of a fresh start and opportunity that a new year brings. It's fun to plan what you want to achieve and dream about what might happen this year.

In 2013 I know I will:

~Go to a summer wedding

~Turn 30 years old!

~Travel somewhere

~Work on new designs and products for my business

~Have a lot of fun with my husband ♥

In 2013 I dream of:

~Getting my products into physical shops

~Mastering making this cake 

~Exhibiting at a trade show

~Going to see Cirque de Soleil

~Getting better at photographing in low light

~Eating a lot of amazing food

What are your dreams and goals for this year? I love hearing about other people's plans so please share if you feel like it! :)

Photo credits:
1. Kate Moss's wedding, by Mario Testino for Vogue
3. Milano by Cherry Blossom Girl
7. Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Buttercream Cake by Sweetapolita
9. Cirque de Soleil review by Eight Nights a Week
10. Photograph by Emma Sundh
All other photos by me.


Vick said...

Under 2013 kommer jag:
* Fylla 25, vilken ångest! Inte över åldern utan hur det ska firas!
* Även jag ska gå på sommarbröllop
* Hyra hus 2 veckor i Normandie
* Plugga
* Slutföra tjejklassikern
* Ha underbart roligt med min sambo och vår hundvalp

2013 drömmer jag om:

* Att lära mig vissla, ja, jag är lite "efter"
* Äntligen ta min examen
* Vinna en hundutställning
* Köpa ett halvt dussin vackra klänningar och skor!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

@Vick: Åh vilket härligt år du kommer ha! Normandie, sambo+hundvalp, examen och fina klänningar, kan ju inte bli bättre! :)

Amy Powell said...

sounds like you have a lot of great things planned for the year! hope it's the best :)

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