21 Jan 2011

Blog Icons and Weekend Plans

The icons took way longer to make than I thought, but that's typical me since I always have to get everything perfect, doesn't matter if it's a small button or a massive painting. But I'm really happy with the way they look now, most of them are ready but I've still got two more to do so I'll show you the "about" and "portfolio" icons in the meantime. They're gonna go just under my header. What do you think? I think it will be really nice to organize my blog so it's easier to navigate.
I have a really exciting weekend ahead of me! Tomorrow I have a business meeting with Lauren, and on Sunday I'm will be photographed in a studio for the Swedish website Londonsvenskar! All of their editors and bloggers will be photographed, and we're gonna have some wine and get to know each other, really looking forward to meeting everyone! I'm a little bit nervous about the photo shoot, not really used to getting photographed by a professional in a studio, but I'm mostly excited!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Fia fit said...

Vilken fantastisk blogg! I am in love!

Fia fit said...

Usch jag känner att jag inte vill återvända till min egen nu....

Skrattade åt din klockrena HIbbs kommentar! Helt rätt.

cb said...

yay that will be exciting! don't worry you will do great!

you will have to tell me how you are making the icons and you are linking them to your posts...i am trying to do that but i don't know how :(

they look so cute! i can't wait to see the others!


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