5 Jan 2011

Hurry Up Spring!

I know it's only January, but now that Christmas is over I want spring to arrive! When I went shopping with Sofia the other day I saw that some of the shops had already put out their new collections, it really gives you that spring feeling when the pastels are brought out! Here's some high street fashion inspiration while we sit inside and long for warmer weather and flowering trees...

Topshop's line is a bit cooky, with both nautical, boho and cowboy influences.
A few images from H&M's s/s 2011 Lookbook
I've never been a Dr Martens-person, but these new low boots are adorable!
If you can disregard the model's ridiculous posing, the Primark collection looks promising!
I love New Look's spring style, so cute and fresh!


cb said...

oh i know what you mean. after writing my post i just can't wait to go on picnics and have the warm sun on my face :) i am excited because we are going on a cruise in march to mexico so i get to dress warm for a week....**bliss**


Anna Brolin said...

What a great and inspiring post, Lisa! thanx!

lady said...

Hur snygga kläder som helst! JA ge mig våren!
Men helt klart snygg kollektion, spec primark, som ändå ligger i min prisklass, haha

Chi said...

åh, jag vill bara ha vår och sol :)

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